Luo Wenbo's car rollover incident tells us: film and television actors are not good enough, and the audience questioned the facelift

Luo Wenbo’s car rollover incident tells us: film and television actors are not good enough, and the audience questioned the facelift

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From the audience’s point of view, the popularity of the Spring Festival Gala is naturally declining, but in terms of market share, there is still no other gala that can match it, which means that the Spring Festival Gala can still maintain itself. Influence, and for literary and art practitioners, the Spring Festival Gala still has the strength to help them realize their career development.

Because it is a literary and artistic evening show, most of the actors invited to participate in the Spring Festival Gala are good at singing, dancing, singing and other performances. On this basis, being able to get invitations for the Spring Festival Gala is also an affirmation of the abilities of these art practitioners.

In terms of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2021, some of the programs may not be recognized by the audience, but it must be admitted that the performers of these programs have a place in the same field, which is one of the reasons why they can be affirmed by the director of the Spring Festival Gala.

However, the broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala by the director is definitely only one of them. The final presentation of the program still needs the reputation of the audience to judge the quality. From this point of view, there are several good quality works on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2021, which are performed by Wang Qi and Luo Wenbo. “The Shepherd of the Cocoto Sea” is one of them.

Luo Wenbo participated in the show as a dancer, which attracted a lot of attention from the audience.

It’s just that every audience has a different view of Luo Wenbo’s performance. Some audiences think that Luo Wenbo can interpret the state of “shepherdess” in the lyrics, while others think that Luo Wenbo’s performance is somewhat out of date, and the overall lack of professional ability is also certain. To a certain extent, it stole the singer’s limelight.

Art performance is like this. Some people think it is good-looking, and some people think it is not good-looking, but it is undeniable that Luo Wenbo’s popularity and popularity has increased significantly amidst controversy.

Unlike other group dances, Luo Wenbo’s solo dance can obviously attract more audience’s attention. When the spotlight shines on Luo Wenbo alone, her advantages will be amplified by methods, and her shortcomings will also be magnified.

Judging from the performance of “The Shepherd of the Cocoto Sea”, Luo Wenbo’s slightly simple dance movements failed the audience’s expectations of her.

In fact, for entertainers in the entertainment industry, sometimes popularity is far more important than word of mouth. Although the audience has mixed praise and criticism for Luo Wenbo’s performance in the Spring Festival Gala, the increase in popularity has helped her get more job opportunities.

In the hit film and television series “City of the Sea”, Luo Wenbo participated in the filming of the work as an actor. This is her crossover from a dancer to a film and television actor. Although she does not have many roles, it is undeniable that she has increased her work direction. After all, the stage of dancers is relatively single, and the identity of film and television actors can help Luo Wenbo appear on more different occasions.

The presentation of films and TV dramas requires market reputation as a judgment, and the actors’ acting skills also require the audience’s reputation judgment. From the perspective of Luo Wenbo’s performance in “Ocean City”, she lacks professional learning experience and she is a little bit young in acting. Obviously To be able to participate in the filming of film and television dramas as a non-professional actor, the producer values ​​the popularity of the Spring Festival Gala for her.

Around Luo Wenbo’s acting skills, the audience’s doubts are still focused on the fact that his facial expression is too blunt, and the overall appearance gives people a feeling of “face-lifting”, and at the same time, it is naturally unable to show the charm that should belong to the role.

Perhaps when the camera is placed on Luo Wenbo’s dance moves, she is a remarkable lead dancer in the Spring Festival Gala, but when the camera is zoomed in to facial expressions, she is obviously not an excellent actor from the perspective of Luo Wenbo’s performance.

The enthusiasm of the Spring Festival Gala allowed Luo Wenbo to cross the border from a dancer to a film and television actor, but it would obviously take a long time for her to go further on the road of performance.

On the other hand, the rise in popularity corresponds to the decline in word-of-mouth. If the word-of-mouth in the market is ignored, the popularity will eventually disappear one day, and Luo Wenbo at that time will naturally fade out of the audience’s sight.


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