LPL officially lost to women's rights and officially announced that the hero nickname cannot be used, even Japanese women cannot use it

LPL officially lost to women’s rights and officially announced that the hero nickname cannot be used, even Japanese women cannot use it

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We know that many people in the e-sports industry are paying attention to the professional matches of the League of Legends. Many people are discussing the professional matches of the League of Legends. In the last few duels, many people are cheering for their favorite teams. If you only focus on professional matches, then you It may be difficult to find one thing, that is, the e-sports industry is quietly changing. For example, recently everyone discovered that the official commentary and professional players have changed.

Before talking about the changes, the editor will tell everyone what happened some time ago, that is, the feminist crisis in the e-sports circle. This is a problem in the entire e-sports circle, not just LPL. The previous fist also acted into feminism. The incident led to the fear of being a beautiful girl hero, and it took a full 5 years to launch Salle Fanny. Some time ago, there was a feminist storm in our region.

The cause of the matter is like this. One day the editor found that Wang Junkai was sprayed on hot searches for playing League of Legends, and he went to see the whole process with a dazed expression. In fact, it was because Wang Junkai played a stalk while playing League of Legends live. , That’s the stalk of the wrist Hao, he said at the time: Jinfu Jinfu, cheers! Wrists, women begging for mercy!

This was originally an old stalker, but I didn’t expect that it was sprayed on hot search because of this incident. Originally, the editor thought it was Jiang Jinfu who was upset. His fans sprayed Wang Junkai on the hot search, but later found out that it was not. Half a sentence, it said that women begging for mercy were suspected of discriminating against women and disrespecting women. The result was a hot search because of this incident, which I did not expect.

After this incident, many professional players also pretended to apologize in the live broadcast, because everyone has played this stalk more or less, so now some people are sprayed because of this incident, they must be unhappy, because they made a big fuss, so Coming out to pretend to be angry, to make things worse, just wait for the official to come out to express their opinions, whether it is the current player side or the current feminist side.

Recently, there has been a result, that is, the LPL official completely lost to women’s rights, and officially announced that many heroes can not be used. For example, the Japanese women and women tanks mentioned before can no longer be called. We know that not only everyone was so cheap, but even the players. The commentator also called it the same way. As a result, even Japanese women can’t call them now. They can only be called Shuguang. After the announcement of the IG game announcement, everyone changed their slogans to Shuguang. This makes people feel very awkward, but there is no way. The rhythm subsided, LPL officials can only choose to compromise.

If this is the case, the editor has always felt that there is a piece of equipment that is not very good, and that is Resurrection A. Many commentaries on Resurrection A call it Chunge Jia. Is it also suspected of insulting women, or even to someone What about the insult of the name? Just ban it at the same time. From now on, everyone will be called according to the full name given by the official. Do you have anything to say about it?


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