'Love Call Center PART50', released today..Lim Young-woong, a total of 11 songs including'Margin'

‘Love Call Center PART50′, released today..Lim Young-woong, a total of 11 songs including’Margin’

[헤럴드POP=이미지 기자] The special stages of the ‘1st Anniversary First Birthday Party’ of’I will sing the requested song-Call Center of Love’ will be released as a sound source.

The songs released in the 50th episode of the TV Chosun entertainment program’I will sing the requested song-Call Center of Love’ (hereinafter referred to as’Call Center of Love’) will be released on the 13th. In this album, Lim Young-woong’s’Mokro Bar’,’Blank’, Young-Tak’s’The Day to Go Home’,’In a Dream’, Lee Chan-Won’s’Bucho-like Life’, Jeong Dong-Won’s’Heung-buja’,’HERO’,’A Faraway Home ‘, Jang Min-ho’s’MaMa (Kim Young-ho ver.)’, Kim Hee-jae’s’Sueun Lantern’, and’It was You’.

In the’Call Center of Love’ broadcasted on the 8th, TOP6 (Youngwoong Lim, Youngtak, Lee Chanwon, Dongwon Jung, Minho Jang, Heejae Kim) prepared a variety of celebration stages to present Noonhogang and Gwihogang in order to repay the love received for one year.

On this day, in particular, Jung Dong-won captured the hearts of viewers by selecting Na Hoon-ah’s’far away hometown’ with his deep singing skills. Jeong Dong-won’s’far away hometown’, which recorded 200,000 YouTube views, was selected as the title song for the album released today.

In addition, Jung Dong-won and Lim Young-woong exchanged their representative songs and sang topics. Jung Dong-won, who selected Lim Young-woong’s’HERO’, provoked the fan spirit by perfectly digesting the choreography with the dancers. When Jung Dong-won’s stage was over, the audience exclaimed, “Jung Dong-won, you are my hero.”

Lim Yeong-woong reinterpreted Jeong Dong-won’s’margin’ with a calm and appealing power, causing overwhelming emotions. Lim Young-woong’s’Blank’ stage video has exceeded 800,000 YouTube views and is getting a hot response from fans.

Lee Chan-won, who appeared while singing Kim Yong-Im’s ‘Bucho-like Life’, completed a luxury stage with his savvy voice and cool singing skills. Young-tak performed a dreamy yet sweet stage with Cho Deok-bae’s’In Dreams’, and Jang Min-ho sang’MaMa’ by Bobby Kim, giving viewers a deep impression.

Kim Hee-jae, who selected Jang Yoon-jung’s’It Was You’, showed off his powerful dance skills and set up a’excitement explosion’ stage.

The 50th episode of’Call Center of Love’ proved its hot popularity with Nielsen Korea’s national ratings of 12.3% and the highest ratings per minute of 14.3%. While’Call Center of Love’ has firmly kept the throne of No. 1 in entertainment on Thursday, interest is also gathering in the album’Call Center of Love’ to be released today.

Meanwhile, the album’Call Center of Love PART50′ will be released through various music sites at 12 pm today (13th).

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