'Love Call Center' Lim Young-woong,'Kwaung ★'idol anti-war charm...  "Celebrity Celebrity"

‘Love Call Center’ Lim Young-woong,’Kwaung ★’idol anti-war charm… “Celebrity Celebrity”

/Photo = TV CHOSUN’I sing the song requested-Call Center of Love

Singer Lim Young-woong caught the attention of viewers by showing off her anti-war charm.

TV CHOSUN broadcasted on the 5th,’I will sing the requested song-Call Center of Love’ (hereinafter referred to as’Call Center of Love’) 41 episodes were decorated with’Trot Top Ten’, a collaboration between TOP6 and idol6.

For TOP6, Lim Young-woong personally matched the custom-made shoes and red hoodie and went on the opening stage in the form of an idol group. Subsequently, Idol 6 appeared and received cheers with their representative songs and dances, and Idol 6 also replied to TOP 6, saying, “It seems to be seeing celebrities of celebrities.”

In particular, Jo Kwon pointed out Minho Jang in order to radiate the energy of excitement he had not yet fully unlocked, and led a tasting dance showdown, and Lim Young-woong joined Jo Kwon’s violent hairy dance, and followed the breakdown dance as’Kwaung’, causing laughter.

Afterwards, Lim Young-woong showed off the essence of an authentic trot with’a cup of tears’ and scored 99 points, causing the team’s morale. The mountains showed a skillful trot spearing technique as’Leaving Im-A’, but it was a pity by falling one point behind Lim’s score.

After all the contests, Jang Min-ho and Seung-hee were tied for first place with 100 points, and Lee Chan-won-Reina-Sande tied for fourth place, and Idol 6, the winner of the previous unit matchup, picked up a chance of adding 1.5 points to the original score, changing the ranking perception. This happened.

In addition, through the’Give me this gift’ corner, which is an opportunity to turn over at the last minute, a simple confrontation was concluded, saying that 11th place Jo Kwon will take the second place Jang Min Ho’s latest mobile phone.

Jo Kwon made up for the lowest point humiliation with 99 points by using his own song,’This Song’, and Jang Min-ho received 91 points for’Just Like’ and delivered a big reversal in which the rankings were reversed at once. Seunghee, who won the final place, lifted the trophy of glory and enjoyed the joy and made a happy smile.

Reporter Nam-eui Lee namy85@mt.co.kr

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