'Love Call Center' Lim Young-woong X Crush, breathing 100 points → Final winner of'Techinso 2' [re뷰]
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‘Love Call Center’ Lim Young-woong X Crush, breathing 100 points → Final winner of’Techinso 2′ [re뷰]

Lim Young-woong & Crush won the final championship in the’Techinso 2’special feature.

In TV Chosun’s’I Sing the Requested Songs-Call Center of Love’ (later’Call Center of Love’) broadcasted on the 12th, TOP6 teamed up with Lee Soo-young, Crush, EXID Solji, Lee Ye-jun, and Ok Jin-wook to determine the final championship. (Introducing a business friend)’Special’ was drawn.

On this day, Kim Hee-jae and Lee Soo-young, Jang Min-ho and Solji, Lee Chan-won and Ok Jin-wook, Young Tak and Lee Ye-jun, Jeong Dong-won and Nam Seung-min, Lim Young-woong and Crush formed a’business’ pair. Like a’business’ special (?), more than half of them said that they came out to promote their songs and made a laugh.

Young-tak revealed that he was motivated by Ye-jun Lee and graduate school. Then he thanked him, saying, “(Lee Ye-joon) helped me a lot when I was having a hard time.” Jang Min-ho and Solji once met at the’Love Call Center’, and this was their second meeting and drew attention with an awkward two-shot.

In particular, Lim Young-woong and Crush were the first meeting in their life, and Lim Young-woong showed off his business friend’s down (?) side, such as Crush singing’Let me go’ and an awkward shoulder companion.

Round 1 was held in which a friend of’Business’ sings the TOP6 song. First, Ok Jin-wook won 98 points by singing ’18 Years Old Soon’, which was Lee Chan-won’s’Mr. Trot’ contest. Nam Seung-min also boasted a deeper sensibility by selecting the’margin’ sung by Jeong Dong-won, and obtained 100 points to obtain Korean beef.

Lee Soo-young selected’Nineteen Innocent’ to show off the stage, and Lee Ye-jun sang’You Going to Memories’. On the stage of Lee Ye-jun, the cast members continued to admire, unable to shut their mouths. Both of them scored 98 points.

Crush scored 99 points by singing Lim Young-woong’s song’Only I Trust’ in her own style. Solji, who expressed a sense of pressure on the last stage, boasted a high note with’commercialization’, and scored 100 points, creating cheers.

Round 2 is a song by TOP6’s’Business’ friends. Young-tak sang Lee Ye-jun’s song’You were in my twenties’, but scored 96 points, a somewhat disappointing score. Lee Ye-jun said, “I sang really well. I’ve never seen a man sing this song for the first time, but I felt weird. It seems a little upset.”

Lee Chan-won surprised everyone by selecting the’Finger Heart’ that Ok Jin-wook sang in the’Mr. Trot’ preliminary round. Lee Chan-won sang with a cute rhythm (?), and he scored 98 points. Kim Hee-jae selected Lee Soo-young’s’I Believe’. Kim Hee-jae, who digested the song with his own emotions, also scored 98 points. Lee Soo-young praised Kim Hee-jae’s stage and said, “If this is 100 points, what is 100 points.”

In order to acquire Crush’s’wine seller’, Lim Young-woong said, “At first, I was going to sing Crush’s’Beautiful’, but to get 100 points, I think I will have to sing another song.” ‘. However, other cast members asked to sing’Beautiful’, and Seongju Kim said, under the authority of the center director, “Sing the song’You Was Impressed” and sing “Beautiful” as a bonus stage. Instead, the score goes into’You Was Impressed’.” .

Young-woong Lim, who was worried about it, selected’You Was Impressed’ and sang enthusiastically, and earned 100 points like’Uoungbaek. Afterwards, Lim Young-woong also showed Crush’s’Beautiful’ stage and scored 98 points.

Jeong Dong-won selected’Samo’ and created a stage that everyone admired, but scored 92 points and surprised everyone. Jang Min-ho sang’Like that feeling in the first place’ and heated the atmosphere. However, a low score of 91 points came out and all the cast members were disappointed.

The final round is a duet stage between TOP6 and’Business’ friends. Jeong Dong-won and Nam Seung-min sang Taeyang’s’eyes, nose, and mouth’ as ​​the first to go to school the next day. After the emotional stage, Jang Min-ho and Solji selected’If It’s Night, Every Night’ to raise the excitement. Young-tak and Lee Ye-jun set up an explosive stage by breathing together with’men coming down like rain from the sky’. They scored 91, 96, and 95 points, respectively.

Kim Hee-jae and Lee Soo-young presented a sweet stage by selecting’Song of Sad Love’. Lee Chan-won and Ok Jin-wook sang’Because of being a man’ of Jo Joong-jo. Crush admired Lee Chan-won’s singing, saying, “I’m really shocked today.”

Lastly, Lim Young-woong and Crush set up the stage with the dynamic duo’s’Confession’. When Lim Young-woong showed off her rap skills, all of the cast members were surprised by saying, “Are you good at rap?” After finishing the stage, Lim Young-woong said, “Am I still seen as a trot singer?” The final victory was won by Lim Young-woong & Crush.

iMBC Cha Hye-rin | Photo provided by TV Chosun

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