'Love Call Center' Lim Young-woong-pyo, Jo Jo's'After', once again announced the birth of the legend stage

‘Love Call Center’ Lim Young-woong-pyo, Jo Jo’s’After’, once again announced the birth of the legend stage

Call Center of Love Photo = TV Chosun
‘Call Center of Love’ TOP6 Lim Young-woong, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won, Jeong Dong-won, Jang Min-ho, and Kim Hee-jae are presenting a special feature of’You Know My Song’ with the main hit songs of the people: Min-gyo Kim, Hye-seung Yang, Woo-yeon-Beom-hak Lee, Ju-ri Lim, and Byeong-seon Joo.

In episode 44 of TV Chosun’s’Call Center of Love’ (hereinafter referred to as’Call Center of Love’), which will be aired on the 26th, the top 6 and the main characters of the hit song of the Korean people who do not know anyone, Min-gyo Kim-Hye-Seung Yang-Wooyeon -Lee Bum-hak, Lim Ju-ri, and Ju Byeong-seon’Hit 6’are in a fierce confrontation. In particular, Lim Young-woong presents a new legend stage again, delivering abundance of joy and Gwiho River to the home theater.

Most of all, Kim Min-gyo, Yang Hye-seung, Woo Yeon-i, Lee Beom-hak, Im Ju-ri, and Joo Byung-seon, who have hit songs that everyone sings along with just one verse in Jeonju, united in’Hit 6’and visited’Sakol’, and the heat rose from the beginning. . Despite the fact that it is a hit song that everyone knows, the hidden secret story of’Hit 6’was revealed, drawing attention from the story of not knowing who the singer is actually singing, to the story that the face and name were not known because the song was so high.

In particular, every time’Hit 6’sang a popular hit song that everyone knows, the studio heated up. The hit song medley TOP6, whose shoulders are shaken every time a line of the previous week rang out, raised tension from the opening, and eventually exhaustion occurred, causing laughter with the appearance of begging, “Please stop now.”

Moreover,’Emotional Craftsman’ Lim Young-woong is attracting attention, foreshadowing the birth of another legendary stage. Gamsung Dr. Jo Hyeon-jo’s sung sung and created a moving stage. With the sensational lyrics of’Whoo’ and Lim Young-woong’s deep emotional voice, the synergy reached the peak and said, “I was in love. When I reached the verse, “I only loved you”, TOP 6 and Hit 6, which I was watching with my breath, are raising expectations by pouring out rave reviews with a single voice saying, “I think this song will run in reverse.”

On the other hand, one of the members of Hit 6 drew attention by throwing a challenge to Lim Young-woong in a head-to-head match. It is an emotional trot confrontation by selecting Lim Young-woong’s version of’One Single Heart Dandelion’, an authentic trot. Lim Young-woong, who heard the first verse of’One Single Heart Dandelion,’ bursts out of surprise with’quick’, and is paying attention to who is the’Hit 6’member who challenged Lim.

The production crew said, “As it is a special feature that has been dispatched with the protagonists of hit songs that the whole nation knows, everyone of all ages will be able to enjoy it with the whole family.” “Friday night, if you have a fun and moving time with the’Big Hit National Singer’ special feature, It would be nice.”

Reporter Hana An, Ministry of Population and Culture at MBN Star mkculture@mkculture.com

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