'Love Call Center' Lim Young-woong → Young-tak, tears-filled'Untact Concert'

‘Love Call Center’ Lim Young-woong → Young-tak, tears-filled’Untact Concert’

‘Love Call Center’ presented a special feature of’Untact Home Concert’ in celebration of the Lunar New Year. The members drew a good response with a colorful stage containing the excitement of Trot. /Captured’Call Center of Love’

Recorded 13.9% viewership rating

[더팩트 | 유지훈 기자] ‘Call Center of Love’ colored the home theater with the heat of trot.

On the afternoon of the 12th, the TV Chosun entertainment program “I will sing the requested song-Call Center of Love” (hereinafter referred to as “Call Center of Love”) is a’Untact Home Concert’ with’Mr. Decorated.

TOP6, which appeared wearing a pink suit, opened the air on the day by singing’Please write love with a pencil’ and’Give good luck’ in front of an untouched audience of 300 people. Lee Chan-won’s’Mang Buseok’, Young-tak’s’My Heart Beside You’, and Lim Young-woong’s’Fall Down’ made everyone’s shoulders shake.

There was also a’Ask TOP6′ section where viewers ask TOP6 what they usually wondered about. The members made a witty answer to a variety of questions such as “Which are you most fond of the props used on the stage of’Call Center of Love?” and “If six people can change their bodies after an accident, who would you like to change with?” .

After the talk was over, the stage continued. Jeong Dong-won made a fresh trot stage with’Love of Cheongpodo’, and Kim Hee-jae showed off her splendid dance skills with’Love-sama’. The duet stage raised the atmosphere to the peak. Lim Young-woong Jung Dong-won sang’Become a Thousand Winds’, Lee Chan-won and Kim Hee-jae sang’Love Letter’, and Jang Min-ho and Young Tak sang’Because of Regret’ over a standing microphone, and drew hot applause.

A’highway medley’ was also prepared, containing the timeliness of the Lunar New Year holiday. Chan-won Lee’s’Broken Wall Clock’, Young Tak and Jeong Dong-won’s’Reservation-like Friends’, Kim Hee-jae’s’My Heart Like a Star’, Lim Young-woong’s’I Really Didn’t Know’, and Jang Min-ho’s’Singing Songs Cha Cha Cha’ etc . In addition to this, the members actively communicated with the fans who would be cheering over the screen, such as untact audiences singing the songs requested on the spot immediately.

Young-tak and Jang Min-ho decorated the highlight of the broadcast. First of all, Young Tak drew attention by first releasing a new song’Lee Bul’ containing the desire to be a comforter to fans. Jang Min-ho couldn’t control his emotions again when the prelude of his master song “You Know My Name” rang out with tears and sang the craze for driving in reverse. He wrapped his face and headed to the back of the studio, and Lim Young-woong sang a song so that he could capture his emotions. Jang Min-ho went up on the stage and completed the song’You Know My Name’ with Lim Young-woong, making everyone’s hearts eaten.

Finally, TOP6 stood side by side in front of the untouched audience. We expressed our sincere gratitude for the fans who have given us infinite love over the past year and wept again. Looking at the audience, we ended the’Untact Home Concert’ by singing’To you, I am to you’, and’Natural connection’.

On the other hand, the broadcast on this day recorded an audience rating of 13.9% (Nielsen Korea, national standard), which is the same rate as the last episode.

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