'Love Call Center' Jeong Dong-Ha "Lim Young-woong, we have no choice but to do well.. It will shine for a long time."[직격인터뷰]

‘Love Call Center’ Jeong Dong-Ha “Lim Young-woong, we have no choice but to do well.. It will shine for a long time.”[직격인터뷰]

‘Love Call Center’ broadcast capture

[헤럴드POP=김나율기자]Singer Jeong Dong-ha expressed his feelings about having a confrontation with Lim Young-woong while he was unfortunately defeated in the confrontation with Lim Young-woong.

On the TV Chosun broadcast on the 15th,’I will sing the requested song-Call Center of Love’ (hereinafter referred to as’Call Center of Love’), including Jeong Dong-ha, Kim Jun-soo, Lee Jang-woo, Min Woo-hyuk, Tei, and Lee Hyun appeared as Flower Man 6. The six flower boys prepared a special feature for spring by competing with TOP6 and singing.

The stage that caught my eye on this day was definitely Dongha Jung and Youngwoong Lim. Jung Dong-ha and Lim Young-woong were both a priest and were happy to meet again on stage after a long time.

Jeong Dong-ha said, “When I went to lecture at university, Mr. Hero was a student, and it is an honor to have a confrontation like this.” Lim Young-woong also greeted Jeong Dong-ha at 90 degrees and showed a shameful appearance.

First, Jeong Dong-ha raised two keys and sang’Already Sad Love’. Jeong Dong-ha got a whopping 99 points and made Lim Young-woong nervous.

Im Herod also raised two keys and sang’Although I’m a Fool’, and as a result, he received 100 points. By one point, Lim Young-woong won, showing the appearance of Cheongcheol-eo-ram, arousing surprise.

On the 16th, he told Herald POP on the 16th, “I remember the appearance of Hero’s fresh college days and always treated music seriously at that time.”

He added, “Hero is a singer who has no choice but to do well and will shine for a long time with a consistent appearance. I am proud.”

Meanwhile,’Love Call Center’ is broadcast every Thursday at 10 pm.

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