Lost his phone for 3 years, the young man suddenly found it buried under the cement road - Photo 1.

Lost phone for 3 years, young people found the device under the cement road

It is known that Mr. Tian from Hebei Province lost his mobile phone three years ago while he was participating in the construction of a road.

One day, while walking with his family, he suddenly discovered that his beloved phone was deep in the cement layer of that road.

According to Chinese media, this road has a history of more than 20 years. In the summer of 2018, during a village road improvement project, Mr. Tian was selected as the project’s supervisor. During the construction process, he carelessly lost his phone without realizing it. Perhaps it fell out of his pocket and sank into the wet cement of the new road. Over a long period of time, the pavement gradually eroded, and the ill-fated cell phone began to appear.

I thought I lost it when I couldn’t find it and therefore stopped searching“- Mr. Tian said. He said he only used a phone for more than a year, and bought a new phone right after losing the old one.

While working, I must have dropped this phone, and then couldn’t find it. When my family went out for a walk, I suddenly discovered it. Looking closer, I was really surprised that it was my phone. Like a miracle, I immediately took a photo

Tian said he would carefully dig up the phone to see if it could work again, and would of course use cement to fill the gaps in the road.

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