Lord of the Rings MMO canceled by Amazon

A hard blow for Amazon once again since the gaming branch of the American giant is facing a new path, continuing its descent into hell. Just a few months after the closing of Crucible, its free-to-play third-person shooter (whose life was also rather tumultuous), yet another adventure tackled the ambitions of the gaming branch of the Seattle giant who sees, once again, one of his projects stopped dead. This project, this is his MMORPG in the world of Lord of the Rings.

Again, it is Bloomberg (and his specialist that we no longer present Jason Schreier) to thank for the scoop. The American newspaper would indeed have obtained from sources close to the matter that, following unsuccessful talks with Chinese giant Tencent (recently became the owner of Leyou Technologies Holding, specialist in the publication of free-to-play games), the development of the project was therefore purely and simply canceled.

With this cancellation, Amazon takes a new slap since, let us remember, its studio opened in 2014 has not yet released any title. This Lord of the Rings MMORPG therefore slips into the list of failures of the giant behind Crucible, but also Breakaway whose development stopped in 2018 … For the moment, therefore, it remains for Amazon to concentrate on New World., another MMORPG whose release is set for this summer (despite already two postponements… it was due out last year).

Finally, remember that if we are tempted to bury the tests of the giant, the latter does not lack resources! Indeed, it is one of those companies that have greatly benefited from the health crisis that affected the world last year and, even in video games, the titan offers American residents a cloud gaming offer (Luna) in which is also illustrated our national Ubisoft (with a partnership). For fans of the universe invented by Tolkien on the other hand, all that remains is to hope that Lord of the Rings: Gollum is a success.


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