Looking for opportunities for differentiation in beauty, the brand "Blank ME" needs to make the base makeup deep and thorough

Looking for opportunities for differentiation in beauty, the brand “Blank ME” needs to make the base makeup deep and thorough

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The beauty track is going hot in 2020. Mature market education and China’s complete beauty supply chain provide new and cutting-edge brands with growth opportunities. Brands such as Perfect Diary, Huaxizi, and Huazhizhi were born. With the launch of Perfect Diary, How the beauty track forms brand barriers has become a topic of widespread discussion.

36Kr recently paid attention to a base makeup brand “Blank ME”. Blank ME was established in 2019,Cut to the price band of 250-450 yuan, which is the “Word of Mouth” strategy.The flagship product, Knight Powder Cream, will be launched for two weeks in 2021, and the sales volume has exceeded 3,000 bottles. The team told 36 krypton that in 2021, Blank ME sales have reached twice that of last year.

To review the rapid growth of Blank ME, there are three key points: 1) Cut the user life cycle to more than 5 years, and pay attention to the user experience when first contacted; 2) Build a large number of brands around values, aesthetics, lifestyle, etc. Activities; 3) Do not use private domains as trading venues. The core purpose is to acquire users’ minds and improve brand awareness and stickiness.

BLANKME product map

Founder Brian told 36Kr that Blank ME focuses on the beauty market, which is dominated by the base makeup market, because base makeup is one of the fastest-growing segments. According to the structure of the mature market in Japan, the potential market size of base makeup in China Reaching 1/3 of skin care products, it is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan in the next 5 years. The bottom makeup market has always been problematic in good products and adaptability. Chinese users have very large differences in their skin. As users’ makeup habits mature , A targeted base makeup is needed to solve the problem of skin perception all day long, and the product structure of foreign brands for many years cannot meet the needs of users. The Chinese base makeup market has become a huge incremental market in recent years.

The team believes that users have very high requirements for foundation makeup. If they are unsuccessful the first time, it is easy to persuade them to leave. Therefore, they pay attention to the point of reaching users for the first time. There are three main points for judging the quality of base makeup:1) It is skin-friendly; 2) It presents the luster and texture of healthy skin; 3) It is suitable for yourself. Among them, sun protection is an essential function. In addition, the abilities of lightness, moderate concealment, docileness, fine powder, anti-oxidation, and long-lasting makeup are ebb and flow. It is necessary to make the brand’s own choice and balance.

Products are the basis of user experience. The first thing a good base makeup product has to solve is how to balance concealer, lightness, makeup retention, delicate fit, anti-oxidation, etc. This requires high technical requirements. Based on the analysis of massive user skin quality, skin care habits, geographic location, weather and climate data, Blank ME combined with the detailed skin quality data of more than 3000 KOLs, and co-created products with users and KOLs, and produced a base makeup solution suitable for Chinese users Program. The brand concept of Blank ME is “From Shanghai, Made in the World”. The company is directly connected to the overseas headquarters of Japan and South Korea’s leading ODM R&D and production institutions. The recently launched new product Knight powder cream took 16 months to develop.

BLANKME product map

After the user purchases the formal product, Blank ME will come with a 6-color trial package,After the user’s trial, if the formal package has not been opened, they can enjoy 7 days of color change. These measures are all to reduce the user’s trial and error costs and improve the comfort of use.

In terms of branding, Blank ME not only discusses external aesthetics, but also values ​​resonance with users. Blank ME is one of the most frequent brand activities for values ​​and aesthetics among emerging brands. In 2020, the brand concept was communicated through the “Let the World See My Face” series. In 2021, the “When She Faces Choices” series, while strengthening brand values, launched a co-branded limited gift box to further strengthen users’ brand awareness while promoting sales.

Brian believes that in the cold start phase, the most important thing is to accumulate user reputation. In the next 1-2 years, we will continue to dig deep into the base makeup to penetrate this category.

BLANKME product map

It is reported that Blank ME has completed multiple rounds of financing before. Historical investors include Shangcheng Capital, Xinshixiang, Source Code Capital, and Zhongyuan Capital.

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