Look at the sight of the "tiny" GMC Yukon SUV that burns the tires
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Look at the sight of the “tiny” GMC Yukon SUV that burns the tires

Today, people are willing to do all sorts of weird tricks to attract attention on the internet, and that’s exactly what a GMC Yukon owner did when he raised the ground clearance by 22.5 cm and then give him a set of tiny wheels. And yet, he also uses the car to burn tires and of course, record it to share on Facebook.

Specifically, the “Arch Street Wheel & Tire” team based in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA conducted a Yukon Denali SUV, lifted it up with McGaughys suspension, and then installed a set of XD-sized wheels. Tiny 17-inch at the bottom. By comparison, Yukon’s genuine wheels are 22-inch sizes.

Video of GMC Yukon Denali with tiny wheels set to burn tires

Assuming that this car retains the massive 6.2-liter V8 engine, it has more than enough power to burn off a set of conventional tires, let alone this kind of small. In genuine factory condition, the L86 engine produces 420 hp and 624 Nm of torque.

Based on the information provided by the builders, they explained that the small tire in the video was 205/40, compared to the size 275/55 of the original tire. In general, no one should drive a large SUV with the combination of wheels and tires as above because of safety and aesthetics. Of course, if you want to create attention and fame on the online community, please.

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