Longueuil He attacks a little girl just after a conquest

Longueuil He attacks a little girl just after a conquest

A Longueuil resident who had taken advantage of a one-night stand at a woman’s house to sexually assault a 7-year-old girl who was in the accommodation was found guilty all along.

“Do you like funny things? Sébastien Corneillier had launched to the child, before masturbating in front of her.

The case dates back to March 2019, when the 39-year-old accused visited a woman he had just reached on a dating site. The latter, who looked after a little girl, had obtained permission from the parents to invite a man into the home.

Happy to have a one-to-one adventure, Corneillier went there, and had consensual sex with the woman, while the little one was in another room. Except that after these antics, the accused wanted to attack the little one, while the woman was still in the living room.

Photos of feet

“He entered the room, he joined the child and showed him his private part,” said judge Dennis Galiatsatos in his decision rendered last week at the Montreal courthouse.

And far from stopping there, Corneillier put it back since, according to the little girl during her testimony, the accused returned to see her, asking her to take off her stockings.

“The accused then took pictures of the two feet of the little girl with his cell phone”, we can read in the judgment.

During this visit, Corneillier also grabbed the buttocks of the girl, in addition to masturbating in front of her before leaving “as if nothing had happened”, one mentions in the decision.

Except that if the little one didn’t say anything to the woman who looked after him, she explained everything to her parents, who were quick to call the police. Shortly after, he was arrested by the police.

Not credible

During the trial, Corneillier denied any inappropriate gesture towards the child. Except that by carefully analyzing his testimony as well as the statements made to the investigators, the judge concluded that he was not credible, unlike the little one despite the stress for a child to testify in court.

“Despite certain peripheral contradictions […], she still maintained the central elements of her allegations, ”among others, noted the judge in his detailed analysis.

Corneillier was therefore convicted of sexual assault, sexual interference, as well as showing off a child.

He will return to court next month for sentencing pleadings, but it is already clear that he will go to jail, since the minimum sentence for his crimes is one year in jail.


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