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Long holiday care for overtime dogs Glory launches shared notebook plan


On the occasion of the National Day holiday, the “Glory Sharing Notebook Project” is officially launched! This service allows you to get a glorious MagicBook laptop at any time to meet your temporary office needs.

The 8-day National Day holiday is approaching. I believe many friends have already planned a trip to relax their souls. However, in today’s increasingly blurred boundaries between life and work, temporary overtime and emergency work seem to be the norm. Therefore, in the face of sudden work, it is undoubtedly a very headache for me to find a computer next to me.

Don’t panic, this National Day, Honor has innovatively transplanted the sharing economy model to laptops, and the “Honor Shared Notebook Project” is officially launched!

Simply put, this service allows you to get a glorious MagicBook laptop at any time to meet your temporary office needs.

The specific activity rules are as follows: From October 1st to 8th, the Honor “Shared Notebook” service will be launched nationwide for a limited time!

Beijing area (online delivery): Within the distribution range of the event store, from October 1st to 8th, from 10:00 to 17:00 every day, users will search for “shared notebooks” through the Meituan Waimai APP for the corresponding time and pay the rental fee And the delivery fee, the Meituan rider will be responsible for delivering the product to the user, and then the rider will recycle it after use (specific to the Meituan page);

At present, the three glory experience stores of Golden Prosperity Xidan Joy City Experience Store in Beijing, Daxing Jinfei Hongyu Longhu Tianjie Experience Store, and Fengtai Zhixiangyouwei Fengke Road Experience Store have already checked into Meituan APP.

Nationwide area (offline experience): Users can visit any Glory offline store with Glory MagicBook exhibition area across the country, directly consult the staff in the store, and choose to share the notebook for free use to meet temporary office needs.

Speaking of temporary office work, we usually receive specific needs from our mobile phones. How can we safely and conveniently transfer data to the computer when there is no data cable? The multi-screen collaboration function of the Honor MagicBook notebook can solve this problem well. We can directly view and edit the documents and pictures in the mobile phone through the notebook, without the need to carry out data transmission and import steps, which is convenient and fast, and the distributed security system based on the whole scene ensures the security of the data.

On October 1, “Ding, you have an overtime demand from your boss!”

When people all over the country are celebrating and colleagues and friends are enjoying themselves, are you going to vomit blood after receiving such a message? Don’t be afraid, with the glory notebook sharing plan, you can easily work overtime at any time and enjoy the care.



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