Loire-Atlantique: concern in a town where 12 children have cancer
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Loire-Atlantique: concern in a town where 12 children have cancer

The parents of Sainte-Pazanne, a commune of 6,500 inhabitants of Loire-Atlantique, are worried. And there is what: since 2015, not less than nine children have been touched by cancer since 2015. Among these young people from 3 to 19 years old, three died from it, two are in remission and four are still under treatment.

In Sainte-Pazanne, since 2015, a child has cancer every six monthsis above the national average and we need to know why”, Thus sums up West France Marie Thibaud, founder of the collective “Stop cancer of our children”, whose son, Alban, now in remission, developed leukemia in 2015, at 4 years old.

The total number of children with cancer since 2015 has even increased to twelve, according to information from our colleagues from Parisian unveiled Monday April 1.

Without any answer to explain this strange concentration of cases of pediatric cancer, parents can’t help but torment themselves over what children eat, the air they breathe, the water they drink, etc.

Organized in one collective named “Stop childhood cancer”, the parents of Sainte-Pazanne demand answers, explanations, scientific studies.

The Regional Health Agency (ARS) was contacted in 2017, and made it possible to show “an excess of leukemia cases over two years among children under 15, compared to data observed in previous years on this same sector”. But no predominant cause had emerged.

Due to the appearance of new cases, the ARS contacted the French public health organization so that a new epidemiological study could be launched to continue the investigations. The results should be known in the fall.

A public meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 4 in the town hall of Sainte-Pazanne with the ARS and the parents’ collective.

Source: Ouest France

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