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Logitech upgraded the G Pro X headset, the new microphone technology, for $ 130

Logitech G recently introduced the Logitech G Pro X, which is more expensive than the current G Pro ($ 80) but in exchange for better sound technologies for gamers or streamer. Instead of the entire plastic-covered headset like the G Pro, the G Pro X has a more advanced steel frame and aluminum design. The G Pro X headset has two versions at different prices of 99.99 and 129.99 USD.

Logitech introduced their new product as an audio device for professional gamers, requiring the use of a microphone to communicate with teammates constantly. They collaborated with Blue Microphones to develop a feature called Blue Voice, which allows for clearer sound recording from mic, along with options for you to customize your own G Hub application. As a result, if the streamer brothers do not have a Shure microphone or Blue Microphones, you can also have some cool features through the mic integrated with the G Pro X headset.

Currently Blue Voice is only for those who use G Pro X on PC, because Logitech itself also owns a sound brand for other gamers oriented to the console market is Astro. That doesn't mean you can buy G Pro X to only work on your computer, because it still supports PS4 and Xbox One as usual. But it was designed to be best used with a PC, owning a 2-meter cable, volume control and microphone installed on the shirt, instead of directly integrating the earcup like other wireless headsets. Logitech's.

In addition, the inherent features of the Logitech G Pro Headset are still equipped for G Pro X, from coundcard to 7.1 surround dts: X, or accessories like felt earpads, headset pockets and jacks. Split audio to plug in 3.5 mm port on the motherboard.

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The two Logitech G Pro versions are priced at $ 129.99 for the G Pro X model that features Blue Voice, and $ 99.99 for the regular G Pro version, $ 20 more than the old G Pro you can buy from the store. Both new Logitech G headphones will be available around the end of this month.


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