Local network and Internet connection sharing

Local network and Internet connection sharing

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If you want share folders and fileswith other devices connected to the network, whether at home or at work, you will need to know how configure the LAN (local area network) properly. In this article, we show you how to perform this procedure.

How to set up a local network

First, ensure that both devices are connected by one Ethernet cable. Then open the start menu (Windows icon) and go to settings (sprocket)> Network and Internet.

In the Advanced network settings section, click net and sharing central. In the new window that opens, select Change advanced sharing settings in the left column.

Now, in the Private section (open by default), check the boxes Enable network discovery and Enable file and printer sharing. Then, in All networks, check the box Use 128-bit encryption.

Note: If the network being configured is public, we will follow the procedure above in the Guest or Public section instead of the Private section.

Then go back to the net and sharing central on both computers and, in the left column, now go to the option Change adapter settings. Right-click on the network we are connected to and select properties.

In the list that appears, locate and double-click on IP version 4 protocol (TCP / IPv4). In the window that appears, check the box Obtain an IP address automatically.

Once these initial settings have been made, you can share files over the network. To do this, create a folder to save the files to be shared anywhere on the disk. Right-click on it and select Grant access to> Specific users. Finally, choose the user who will receive authorization to access the folder.

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