LOBBY: A 3-minute cultural space for art consultants

LOBBY: A 3-minute cultural space for art consultants

Located in one of Moscow’s most popular areas, LOBBY is the new home for dynamic art consultants, designed as a cultural space with numerous display shops, event spaces and zones beautiful coffee.

Architect Daria Belyakova, founder of Arch (e) type, an architecture and design firm based in Moscow, London, and Paris, specializes in turning historic buildings into everlasting spaces. It can both overwhelm visitors and allow art and design exhibitions to enter the stage.

Known as Gostiny DvorA Russian term for indoor markets and malls, the massive Neoclassical building is a remodeling of an 18th-century medieval complex to create a space for service. trade and commerce after major remodeling in the 90s. Let’s admire the serene beauty of the building through the archer’s sculpted hands Daria Belyakova Please.

The building is located just a few steps from Red Square, right next to Zaryadye Park, combined with a facade with arched windows, meaning LOBBY is endowed with a beautiful and green view towards the tower. bells and towers near the Varvarka church and the Kremlin. This stunning setting foreshadows Daria’s interior design that will follow the mellow, mellow aesthetic of trendy minimalism, to honor but not overwhelm the landscape and art and design exhibitions. upcoming design here.

Source: Yatzer

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