Liu Yifei, who has a U.S. hukou, has not yet expressed his views on the Xinjiang Cotton incident?

Liu Yifei, who has a U.S. hukou, has not yet expressed his views on the Xinjiang Cotton incident?

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In recent days, the Xinjiang cotton incident has intensified. In addition to H&M, brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, and New Balance have also issued similar statements.

“How can there be such a good thing to make our money but smash our jobs?” So all the celebrities who have cooperated with the insulting brand issued a termination statement one after another. Based on the principle of “national interest above all else”, they announced their cooperation Fang terminated the contract.

There is one exception among these stars, that is, actress Liu Yifei. Liu Yifei has never expressed his opinion about this incident. Under the pressure of huge public opinion, the fan group took the initiative to ask the staff about endorsement with Adi. Just waited for a sentence in the Chaohua channel: “It has been confirmed that Ms. Liu Yifei has no cooperative relationship with the Adi brand.”

Compared to the solemn statements of other stars, this sentence seems to be too light. What is even more unacceptable is that the Adi advertisement in Liu Yifei’s previous account has not been deleted, and on 3.26, she also posted the advertisement online!

As a charismatic public figure, idol stars should actively assume social responsibilities and be guided by correct values ​​to spread positive energy. At such a critical juncture, Liu Yifei’s attitude has indeed aroused public dissatisfaction.

Like this, any fan of Liu Yifei can’t sit still! Because Liu Yifei has been reluctant to express his support for Xinjiang Cotton, some fans have already taken off their fans and started to step back.

Some fans also said that this might be due to the mishandling of Liu Yifei’s team. In fact, as a Chinese with a U.S. household registration, which side is Liu Yifei on earth to be patriotic? Her situation is indeed a bit awkward, what do you think?

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