Little Special 2

Little Fortune 2 is a talent contest for kids from 3 to 7 years old, this program will give kids a playground to show their talent in many fields. difference, be it math knowledge, magic, music, comedy … Please follow the program The Little Fortune 2 below.

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Little Special 2 This is one of the interesting programs not only to help the kids show their talents, but also the place where they can exchange, learn and talk with the stars. Through the rounds, the judges will find out the excellent factors to come to the middle of the night and find the winner of the competition. Please follow season 2 to see many interesting things about the program.

Know less than 2

Tiny property 2

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The program “ Little Fortune ” is aired at 20:00 on Sunday on channel VTV3

Along with this interesting program for children, you can also refer to and follow more other programs such as the game show Bravado, an interesting program with a lot of knowledge and skills. Talent useful for babies.

On the weekends, children can definitely not miss the program Fast as lightning, with lots of fun Quizzes to help them use intelligence as well as be more agile in handling situations. Up to the present moment Lightning Fast is already airing to episode 19, you can watch Fast like Child’s episode 19 here.


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