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Little Plum set up a fund for the Virunga Park in the Republic of Congo to help mountain gorillas

Beijing News (Reporter Wu Dongni, intern Cao Yuxin) May 18, US time, according to foreign media reports, Leonardo DiCaprio, who has been devoted to environmental protection and charity, will serve the country of the Republic of Congo, Virunga The park establishes a foundation. The Earth Alliance, founded by a number of Oscar-winning actors, is currently collaborating with the European Commission to launch the “Virunga Fund” to help the park, and has received $ 2 million in seed funding.

Leonardo said in a statement, “When Virunga Park cracked down on illegal oil drilling in 2013, I was very honored to meet and help this brave team. Virunga urgently needed funds to protect the endangered mountainous area. Orangutan populations, support working rangers and rangers families, and help carry out basic disease prevention. In this crisis period, it is vital that we unite. “

Virunga National Park is the habitat of the mountain gorilla population. The species was once on the verge of extinction, and it may be threatened with extinction again in the future. The inspiration for the establishment of the park came from the 2014 Nai Fei documentary “Virunga”, the executive producer of the documentary was Leonardo himself. Due to the impact of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, Virunga Park closed all tourism projects in March, and its revenues have suffered. According to the announcement released on Monday, the Virunga Foundation will provide assistance to the oldest and most biodiversity-protected areas in Africa and the communities around Virunga National Park.

During the new crown epidemic, Leonardo also supported many other public welfare undertakings. Previously, he helped launch America’s Food Fund, which raised more than $ 26 million in funding to ensure people have access to reliable food. In addition, he also launched the All in Challenge challenge, fans donated to the fund will have the opportunity to visit and guest appearance on his next movie, “The Flower Moon Killer” directed by Martin Scorsese. The event also raised more than $ 1.6 million in funding for the US Food Foundation and other public welfare projects. >>> Little Lizi and De Niro appeal to the public to donate, and the lucky one will star in the new film

Beijing News reporter Wu Dongni intern Cao Yuxin

Editor Wu Dongni Proofreading Chen Diyan

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