Little Nightmares 2 Walkthrough – Where to find all the hats for Mono?

Little Nightmares 2 proposes us to play no longer Six, but a small character called Mono. Obviously, the heroine of the first episode is present and accompanies us during a very large part of the adventure. Much like the latter, Mono tends to wear a head covering, making his face virtually invisible to the player.

The peculiarity of this suite is that it gives us the choice to change hats when we want. The only constraint imposed on the players is that they must imperatively find these famous hats in each chapter of the game to be able to dress Mono. This walkthrough will therefore aim to guide you in obtaining these precious objects, sometimes very well hidden..

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Chapter 1

Raccoon Fur Hat:

This first hat is in the house where you first meet Six. Arriving in the latter through the kitchen, join the central corridor and take it to an intersection dividing the path in two. From there, turn left (your left) and you will come to the entrance hall. On the ground, on the carpet, lies the object.

Little Nightmares 2 Raccoon Hat Walkthrough

Yellow waterproof hat:

After your first chase and hide-and-seek game facing the hunter, you will come to a bridge that will require you to perform a jump with the help of Six. Right after this sequence is found the wanted hat in a cage hanging from the branch of a tree. Use the cages on your right to climb and jump on the one containing the object and jump on the latter to make it fall. All you have to do is pick up the headgear.

Little Nightmares 2 walkthrough yellow waterproof hat

Chapter 2

Leather balloon hat:

Once in the schoolyard, join the normal entrance of the establishment and climb on the railing to the right of the entrance door to reach the adjoining garbage can. On this you will clearly find the hat you are looking for.

Little Nightmares 2 leather balloon hat walkthrough

Tin can hat:

In the library you will have to move a ladder on wheels to reach the shelf as far to the right as possible. Before that, stop at the center one and climb it, you will find the hat in question.

Little Nightmares 2 tin can hat walkthrough

Chapter 3

Teddy bear hat:

In the hospital, in the room adjacent to that of the x-ray and in which you collect the objects to pass to the x-rays, linger on the large library on the right of the room. Climb it and you will find the teddy bear hat at the top.

Mummy bandages hat:

After your first meeting with the boss of the hospital, you will have to reach the morgue to find a key that opens a door. In this room, linger on the locker at the bottom left of the autopsy table. The mummy hat is inside.

Chapter 4

Postman’s hat:

Once the remote is retrieved and in the post office, drop down to the level of the overhead light that you can swing on to reach the other end of the room you are in. Once on the ground, climb the small mountain of letters on your left and borrow the small ventilation duct, you will find the famous hat there.

Beret-shaped hat:

The latter can be found in the toy store towards the end of the chapter. You must move a cart there to be able to open a passage to the hat in question. Once in your hands then move the cart to the shelf in front of the large window of the shop. Climb there and join the one against the wall, you will find the beret.

Hats out of chapter:

Hat paper bag:

This is Mono’s default hat, therefore available from the start of the adventure.

Chapeau “The Thin Man hat” :

This hat is obtained once the game is complete and without any other prerequisites.

Special hats

Chapeau de Mokujin:

Mokujin’s Hat is automatically obtained at the start of the game if you purchased the physical or digital TV edition of Little Nightmares 2.

Nome’s Hat:

This hat is only available if you have the Le Grenier des Nomes mini DLC available in the TV, Deluxe and Day-1 editions of the game. You can browse through it once the key is suspended in the attic retrieved with the help of Six in the house where you meet her. A Nome will then appear from a drawer and it will be necessary to go after him and follow him to retrieve his hat.

That’s all for this walkthrough of Little Nightmares 2 which we hope will have helped you.


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