Little Nightmares 2 Walkthrough – Where to find all the corrupt spoils?

Little Nightmares 2 isn’t just a macabre horror gem you have to solve puzzles, hide and infiltrate, or even run for your life. It is also a very intelligent game narratively speaking, which without text, dialogue and narrator, manages to tell us a story mainly thanks to what is commonly called visual narration.

The latter also involves the collection of corrupt remains of dead children. Yes it is creepy, but it fits well in the universe and these are also the witnesses of the corruption which takes place in the charming city which one is brought to visit. But these little black shadows are not present only to look pretty, since they also allow to unlock a secret ending to the story of Mono and Six which does not only impact this sequel.

In this walkthrough or guide to Little Nightmares 2, we let you choose the word, so we will tell you by chapter where these 18 corrupted spoils are located and how to reach them.

Chapter 1

Corrupt corpse number 1:

This first corrupted remains can be accessed after just a few minutes of play. Once facing the large collapsed bridge, go down and instead of climbing the other end of the bridge to continue your journey, pass to its right to enter a small hidden passage in which is the black shadow of the child. .

little nightmares 2 glitch boy

Corrupt remains number 2:

This second corrupt corpse can be found a little further after activating your first bear trap with a wooden stick. Take the passage in the tree trunk and once at the foot of the latter turn back to pass below. You will then find the object of your research at the end of a small tunnel leading you to the corpse of a rat.

Little Nightmares 2 corrupted spoils walkthrough

Corrupt remains number 3:

In the house, after having retrieved the key in the attic with Six, go back down and open the door leading outside. As you exit, you notice a closed toilet, wait for your sidekick to take the short ladder to open the door. The corrupt remains are inside.

Little Nightmares 2 corrupted spoils walkthrough

Corrupt remains number 4:

The last corrupt remains of the chapter can be found at the very end of the chapter. After crossing the body of water on your makeshift gate / raft, you will reach a beach. Continue your journey on the sand and you will quickly be able to distinguish a TV set on the ground and a small black silhouette motionless in front of it. Then you know what you have to do.

Little Nightmares 2 corrupted spoils walkthrough

Chapter 2

Corrupt corpse number 5:

This chapter’s first corrupt corpse is found after solving a puzzle that asks you to push televisions into the void to hoist yourself and Six up to different floors of a building. Once the puzzle has been solved, you can join your companion by jumping up to her, which will require her to catch you in mid-flight so that you do not die from a fatal fall. From there continue your journey up the stairs and take the path leading you to a broken door and reaching the place where you hoisted Six a little earlier. The child is waiting for you there.

Little Nightmares 2 corrupted spoils walkthrough

Corrupt remains number 6:

Once in the schoolyard, go to the bike located in front of the trash can at the back to the right of it. You will find the Corrupt remains sitting to the right of the small vehicle.

Little Nightmares 2 corrupted spoils walkthrough

Corrupt remains number 7:

After Six gets kidnapped from the school, you will have to kill your first two “children” with a hammer. Once the second is shot, continue your journey normally until you reach the next hallway after climbing a door. Before continuing, focus on the school lockers at and more particularly on the third from the left. Open it and you will find the Corrupt remains inside.

Corrupt corpse number 8:

After having passed the passage of the library putting you in front of the teacher of the establishment, you will arrive in a sort of hall with a staircase dividing into two parts. Go up the steps that lead to the left and walk towards the empty bottles and the hanging rope lying on the ground. There, sitting with its legs in the air, is the corrupt body.

Corrupt corpse number 9:

In the same area as for the previous remains, you will have to solve a puzzle with a life-size chess set to collect a key to continue your journey. Once this is done, you will arrive in a corridor leading to a tray-holder shelf that you have to push to be able to climb there and join a small pipe. Except that after having moved it, rather linger on the door of which it blocked the passage and open it. There you will find a corpse that you can climb onto to reach the top of a freezer. The familiar black shadow awaits you sitting there.

Corrupt corpse number 10:

Last corrupted remains of the chapter, it is at the very end of your course, after leaving school and climbing on a trash can to reach a high path. As you continue your journey, you will notice a small paper boat floating in a small puddle of water, approach it to reveal the desired silhouette.

Chapter 3

Corrupt corpse number 11:

Right after the room where you get the flashlight, you’ll come across another room filled with hospital beds. Head into the back of it until you reach a small child trailer with jars in it, the corrupt corpse is right in front of the handle of it.

Corrupt corpse number 12:

After having successfully completed the riddle of the key asking you to pass toys and stuffed animals to X-rays, take the locked door in the hall and cross the first room until you reach the next corridor. There you will find shelves full of prostheses. Then go up this corridor until you reach the end and the wanted child.

Corrupt corpse number 13:

After completing your first escape in front of the articulated mannequins, you will arrive in a room in which is on the ground a piece of cheese. Get out of there and instead of going down to continue following the normal route, go up and go through the barred door through the small hole at the bottom right. From there, join the only possible room (on your left starting from the hole) which contains the corrupted remains and a gaping hole in which to throw the piece of cheese will allow you to unlock as a bonus a trophy / achievement.

Corrupt remains number 14:

The last corrupt remains of the chapter are joined by passing through the shower room. Once there, head to the showers and more particularly to the cardboard box containing some files and propped up against a wall. Move it to discover a small ventilation hatch in which you must rush to join the little black shadow in front of a rather creepy bathtub …

Chapter 4

Corrupt corpse number 15:

At the start of the chapter, after going through the window to leave the hospital for good, do not go straight to the building opposite and instead go up the street you are in until you reach a sign of open sewer. Go down there to claim your due.

Corrupt corpse number 16:

Further in a building, you will find yourself confronted with a puzzle asking you to start an elevator and climb on its roof to reach an even higher room. In this same place, take a look at the cardboard box placed against a wall (on your left). Move there to reveal a small ventilation tunnel from which you can reach a room containing the corrupt remains.

Corrupt corpse number 17:

The next corrupt corpse is right next to it. After exiting the room you arrived in via the elevator, continue your journey over the roofs of buildings. Once you reach the end, you will come across a cul-de-sac. From there, do not climb the small wooden shelter right away, but go through the window below by climbing on a crate. The object of your research is in the room that you will then join.

Corrupted remains number 18:

The last corrupt remains of Little Nightmares 2 can be found after passing the post office and your first solo Zipline session bringing you into a building through an open window. As soon as you arrive there, go back and go back through the window from which you arrived. Once outside, go to the next window which will allow you to reach the last little black shadow.

That’s all for this walkthrough of Little Nightmares 2 which we hope will have helped you.


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