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Little Nightmares 2 Walkthrough – How to unlock the secret ending?


Little Nightmares 2 has just appeared in the trade and comes with many questions once your adventure is over. So if you have not yet completed the journey of Mono and Six, we advise you to stop reading here, because we will spoil a little bit in the following lines.

It seems clear that this second episode questions its temporality, we are among those who believe that we are facing a prequel more than a sequel elsewhere and this famous secret ending, of which we are going to give you the key, supports this hypothesis in our opinion. But before we share what it contains, let’s see how to unlock it.

On your hard and incredibly dismal journey, you have no doubt encountered and collected what are called glitches. These are the little black shadows of children that seem to bug out and are often very well hidden. They are 18 in number in the game and to have the privilege of viewing the secret ending you will need to find them all. Which is not an easy task, let’s face it.

little nightmares 2 glitch

Also, once this is done and the game is over, a post-generic scene appears and reveals what many now call the real end of the game which is therefore secret. We see Six come out of the television world and find himself facing a glitch of his own person. We can therefore deduce that she succeeds in escaping from this cursed place and that she will be able to continue her journey.

A road that could lead her straight to The Maw, this nightmare creature that connoisseurs of the first episode know well, since during the bonus sequence we see the form of this evil entity appear little by little. Here is which supports the thesis of the prequel, especially since in addition Six finds his yellow raincoat for the first time in this Little Nightmares 2.

Finally, as we are kind and attentive, and that we sometimes know you lazy, here is just for you this famous secret ending.



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