Little knowledge about KAWASAKI! Why on earth is it called a ninja?

KAWASAKI has many popular car series, from the classic retro car series “W”, to the street car series “Z”, which is the king of the street, and of course the sports car series “ZX” crystallized by Kawasaki Technology… It’s catchy, but few people know what “NINJA” means. What exactly is this ninja? Where did it come from?

You can be a ninja with a fairing!

First of all, we need to clarify that the name “NINJA” is not actually a patent of the ZX car series. In fact, in the car series layout of KAWASAKI in recent years, “NINJA” is the car name used on the “covered models”, such as NINJA ZX- 10R, NINJA ZX-6R, NINJA ZX-25R and other sports car series, but other models that are a little bit away from the sports car series, such as NINJA H2, NINJA 1000, NINJA 650, NINJA 400… etc., are also called NINJA. Name!

The first generation ninja-GPZ900R

The first one to be crowned NINJA was actually the GPZ900R, which is the one on which Tom Brother was riding in the defending fighter. KAWASAKI of North America believes that the GPZ900R, which is simply a model-only “car name”, is really not a car name. The company expressed the hope that GPZ900R could be called “NINJA”, but the Japanese believed that the connection between GPZ900R and the flying “ninja” was so little that it was hard to agree, so it blocked this matter.

The more handsome the second, the more handsome!

However, the old beauty is not so easy to dismiss, under the stalking, in the end, “then only the GPZ900R in North America is called a ninja, and other regions are named according to the Japanese meaning!” and let the Japanese head office compromise. And just after Tom Cruise’s sassy and heroic riding GPZ900R in the defending warrior was widely circulated around the world, the nickname “NINJA”, a North American exclusive model, suddenly became popular all over the world, and this trend even burned back to Japan. The impression of “GPZ900R is NINJA” is deeply rooted in the hearts of Japanese car enthusiasts, and this has also become the reason why “NINJA” has become KAWASAKI’s signature car series.

North America and Europe are different?

GPZ900R continues to be sold under the name “GPZ900R” in Europe. The biggest difference from the North American version is that the car side shell is printed with “GPZ900R”, but the North American version is printed with “NINJA”, which may really be a characteristic of the consumer market. The car’s name is very important in the United States. The three characters GSX are directly pronounced as GIXXER, and the universal metric unit in the United States has all become American-style British units. It can only be said that it is huge like the United States. The single market can also have a huge say in front of the original factory!


After the movie “Defense Warriors” was released in 1986, KAWASAKI’s “NINJA” officially entered the eyes of global film and television audiences. Whether you love motorcycles or not, Captain Mitchell’s handsome appearance on “NINJA” is indeed carved in the hearts of many boys and girls. The unforgettable impression has also made the ninja popular in the global car market, and has become a legendary machine that can be called a classic of the times. Next time you go out on your “NINJA”, don’t forget the story of the birth of this car series!

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