Listening to Apple shouting the price of 20 million iron pieces, his uncle calmly treats it very well with a legendary coat - Photo 1.

Listening to Apple screaming for "a 20 million iron bureau", his uncle calmly took on a very good or legendary coat

In its latest event, Apple has just made fans jerky when it launched a series of new products added to the "upstream" collection: Mac Pro more than a hundred million, the new Pro Display screen also approximately hundred million. However, what makes people most worried is the price for a … screen base: 999 USD – equivalent to a brand new iPhone XS.

"Iron Department" 999 USD is equivalent to more than 20 million, why is it called "Pro base"?

So just to say, even hard fans have to be bored because such a harsh price is only for a base, not knowing what silver is inlaid with gold for it. It is not known how many people will buy when they open the sale, only knowing that this uncle is being honored by the Internet because of an effective fire-fighting solution:

Listening to Apple shouting the price of 20 million iron pieces, his uncle calmly took a great stance with his legendary coat - Photo 2.

The image has received tens of thousands of responses on Reddit, lively talk is no different from a big event.

Of course, the screen above is not the new Pro Display model just released because it has not officially opened for sale. Based on its physical characteristics, many people recognize it as a regular iMac, but it is unclear why this uncle removed the default stand.

Despite the confusion about bringing the bulky iMac to the cafe, the most humorous and noticeable thing is how to take advantage of the cheap plastic hanger, without even taking it, to replace the curtain stand. form. Is your uncle today carrying the screen and forgetting his leg, or is it really the intention of "troll" Apple after screaming at the night of the previous event for a stand?

"This uncle must be the type of person who" started the first month, at the end of the month eating noodles ", buying the phone is not enough to buy the base." – An equally joking comment on top of the post.

"Actually, I can see it. The hanger with the sides of the screen will help to create a three-legged posture, stable and unrestricted – worthy of a list of delicious cheap innovations of the year ! " – Another "scientist" shared.

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