Listen to the right music, experience it differently

Listen to the right music, experience it differently

Two years ago, Samsung faced one of the biggest purchases in its history: $ 8 billion. In return, Harman International Industries. At the time, those who were concerned couldn’t help but be skeptical of the success of the deal, and what could Samsung get with that huge amount of money?

That will surely depend on the long-term calculations of this world’s leading electronics corporation. But at least as a consumer, we are benefiting too much from the deal. Harman International Industries is the owner of 3 famous cult brands: Harman Kardon, JBL and AKG. And after returning to Samsung, the name AKG has appeared on most of its high-end smartphone products. Even customers who pre-order the Galaxy S10 will also get a true wireless headset Galaxy Buds just launched with the words “Sound by AKG” as a guarantee for their sound quality.

Although it is a bonus product, the Galaxy Buds with the advanced design and the adjustment by AKG were enough to make audio lovers feel secure. So what is the actual experience with Galaxy Buds? Is the price of 130 USD worth this headset?

Design and feeling of wearing

4 months ago, Samsung used to surprise the launch of the Gear Icon X wireless headset that specializes in sports training. Gear Icon X feels comfortable, smart and handy, but the high price makes it not accessible to the majority of users.

Coming to Galaxy Buds, it is fortunate that the feeling of comfortable wearing remains the same, even enhanced by the compact design and the addition of rich ton-sur-ton colors with the Galaxy S10.

Inside this small box is a standard USB Type-C charger cable, 2 sets of tips and 2 rubber rims for users to choose the size accordingly.

The main part includes a clamshell dock that both functions as a charger and protects a pair of headphones.

When placed, the Galaxy Buds will automatically charge. 2 headsets on each side have 1 58mAh battery for 5 hours of continuous use. Particularly the dock has 252mAh battery capacity, can charge more than 2 times for 2 headsets.

On the back is a USB Type-C charging port for the dock. In addition, users can wirelessly charge with any Qi standard charging device or immediately with the Galaxy S10 as below.

The feeling of wearing is one of the big pluses for the Galaxy Buds. Small, fits the ears of Vietnamese people.

Contrary to initial fears that Buds may be uncomfortable or dropped when used. I use the default medium sized tip set on these ears. After about 5 minutes of work, I seemed to forget about the feeling that I was wearing a headset, if not by the colleague beside me patting my shoulder after calling several times failed. Obviously, the Galaxy Buds have at least two advantages that we need in a true wireless headset: The feeling of not wearing it, and the good soundproofing ability can help us immerse ourselves in our own world. .

And if you’re wondering, can this headset be worn with you while exercising? I tried jogging several kilometers with Buds and it didn’t fall out as expected. Perhaps, thanks to the optimized design from the previous Gear IconX.

The headset is compact but quite fit, bringing comfortable wearing feeling to the user.

Connect, control by application with Galaxy Wearable

Galaxy Buds is a smart headset. It can be used on any device with Bluetooth connectivity (including iPhone and MacBook), but to take full advantage of this product, you should use a Samsung phone with Galaxy Wearable app updated. Update to the latest version.

After opening the Galaxy Buds cover and turning on your phone’s Bluetooth to pair, select the “Connect new device” feature in the Galaxy Wearable app> Select Galaxy Buds and the synchronization will take place almost immediately.

With the Galaxy Wearable app, you can: See the% battery of your headset, adjust the volume according to your preferences, manage the notifications sent to the headset, change the ear control gestures, turn on the alarm to find the headset when to forget.

Also, one of the attractive features of the Galaxy Buds compared to other headsets on the market is the Sound Listening feature from the surroundings. If you’re concerned about the good soundproofing of Buds that you might miss the conversations of your neighbors, or when traveling on the road can be dangerous, then this is the feature you need.

Galaxy Buds will use the technology “dual microphone” with its own mic to capture sound from the surrounding environment and play back to you with a delay of almost zero. Especially can also adjust the volume up and down of voice, so you should be able to both wear headphones and talk to someone nearby.

Even without opening the Galaxy Wearable app, users can also open the mic to hear the surrounding sound by pressing and holding one ear (according to the settings in the app). In addition, press once to Play / Pause, press 2 times to forward the song, press 3 times to go back, press and hold 1 ear to open the virtual assistant.

The ability to talk, sound quality of Galaxy Buds

The words “Sound by AKG” say something about the sound quality that Samsung wants to bring on its Buds, but if you are a difficult person to listen to music, Buds will please you at the convenience. is the sound quality brought.

In the past few days, I’ve been experimenting with the most common situation with the average user, which is listening to music online using the Zing Mp3 app (default 128 mps) with the Galaxy S10 + and hot songs. The current.

With the song Hongkong1 (official version), there was a slight disappointment when the first instrument sounds rang out. The sound bands seem to stick together, making Nguyen Trong Tai’s singing appearance also faded. Not accepting that fact, I tried on the Galaxy Wearable app and changed a little in the equalizer to see if it worked.

And “Wowwwwwww!”, As soon as the Dynamic mode was turned on, it felt like hearing a different headset. The soundstage was expanded as if you were standing in a medium-sized stage with the orchestra around, the bands separated, clear and the singer’s voice became more alive. That same word, Dynamic became my favorite custom whenever listening to music and it made me wonder: Why did Samsung and AKG not to make this the default for listeners to be “happy” right from the moment head?

Try a more exciting song, Lou Hoang’s “Love You Fool.” The heavy bass in the chorus does not seem to be difficult for Buds, the bass is neat, clear, but it seems that the force is only at Moderate, while the treb is quite high, some cymbals can make you feel a little jarring.

Try with some music of different genres, in general, the sound quality of Buds is somewhat light, but you can completely use Buds to “listen to noise” and the sound quality is quite good but not quite This is perfectly acceptable with a true wireless headset under VND 3 million.

However, Buds still seems to have a minus in conversation. When making a call, sometimes the end of the line will receive a muffled voice and relatively small volume. I predict this is because the microphone design is quite far from the mouth and obscured by the ears, but it does not exclude the possibility because the software is not optimal. Hopefully Samsung will have an update soon to fix this.

Overall, Galaxy Buds are a good option to consider when you need themChoosing a true wireless headset True Wireless in the price range of more than 3 million, Especially for those who are using Samsung smartphones.

Interestingly, if you pre-order the Galaxy S10 or S10 + before the sale date (March 8), you will be given a gift set with Galaxy Buds, Clear View holster, broken insurance package and some incentives. from the retailer. This is obviously a good opportunity for users to own and experience a unique headset like Buds for free.


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