Listen to the interesting ASMR sounds of experiments and chemical reactions - Photo 1.

Listen to the exciting ASMR sounds of experiments and chemical reactions

Besides today's traditional ASMR videos, there are a few YouTuber looking for a completely different way of expressing. Jacob Strickling, an Australian science teacher and channel owner, YouTube Make Science Fun, often makes interesting little science videos that try to create an ASRM video through a highly sensitive microphone, to record sounds. Interesting bar of chemical reaction.

Jacob initially dropped a piece of calcium carbide into a small cup filled with water. Reaction produces acetylene gas. Then scientists use fire to interact with the gas that is escaping. Immediately the microphone obtained a small explosion of gas.

In addition, Jacob also tried many other experiments with fire and made very interesting sounds.

ASMR is a form of video that brings a pleasant feeling to listeners through the sounds of all objects recorded with ultra-sensitive mics. Although it has been around since 2009, it is not until the recent years that ASMR has become a trend. Now there are hundreds of channels specializing in ASMR videos and most are recorded from eating food or rubbing things. Many people who hear ASMR sounds feel relaxed and comfortable but there are also many people who feel goose bumps or chills when hearing the rustling sounds in their ears.

However, ASMR has been shown to help viewers relax with lively sounds and auditory stimulation. Most ASMR video creators want the sound to be really clear but gentle enough for the listener to comfortably fall asleep.

So it is not surprising that many ASMR videos are used as a treatment for insomnia.

Here are details of the recording of chemical reaction experiments:

Listen to the exciting ARSM sounds of experiments and chemical reactions

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