List DNS network Viettel helps increase network speed, slow web access, Facebook is blocked

List DNS network Viettel helps increase network speed, slow web access, Facebook is blocked

The breakdown of the AAG undersea cable always “crazy” young people and hinder them from using the internet to connect with friends, study or entertainment. However, do not be too bothered because with the DNS network list Viettel helps increase network speed that we say below will help you improve the network speed quickly.

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What is DNS Server?

The DNS Server is like a directory of the internet that converts machine IP addresses into human-readable URLs. And how quickly you access the website depends on the location of the DNS server and the location of your internet-connected computer. For example, Google has as many IP addresses as 125,234.51,216But this sequence is too long and difficult to remember for the average person. So, domain name was born for people to remember more easily.

list of dns with viettel helps to increase health

Now, when you type into your browser, your computer will send a real IP request of the website to the DNS servers. DNS servers will check the geographical location, the carrier you are using to return the IP of the nearest server where you can connect fastest to website. So, choosing the closest DNS server, or simply choosing the DNS of the network operator you are using, will give the most positive result, nowadays, the AAG sea fiber cable breakage occurs a lot and the article Here Taimienphi will share with readers Viettel network DNS list to help increase the network speed to use for when watching movies or downloading games that you may need.

List DNS network Viettel helps speed up the network

Here are two DNS pairs of Viettel so that you can update and use them for computers, phones, and tablets to increase network speed.

DNS 1: 203,113,131.1

DNS 2: 203,113,131.2

After the update is complete, you need to disconnect from the internet and reconnect to get more accurate results. If you have problems with network configuration or slow network for unknown reasons, please contact Viettel call center 1800 8119 (free) for the fastest support.

Along with the list of DNS network Viettel helps to increase the network speed that we share above, there are still many good fast DNS to help optimize the internet access speed. Interested readers can track the fastest DNS article, the best we always update as well as how to optimize the internet speed.
In addition, in case readers are not computer savvy and do not know how to change DNS, do not worry too much because with the article on how to change DNS when the network is slow that we have divided earlier will make the article satisfied and This small addition of knowledge is possible.


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