Lin Zhiying, who has been popular for 30 years, was finally pulled off the altar of the perfect mask?

Lin Zhiying, who has been popular for 30 years, was finally pulled off the altar of the perfect mask?

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Speaking of Lin Zhiying, I must be familiar with everyone. “Good Dad”, “Love Children”, and “Intimate Warm Man” are all labels on Lin Zhiying, and in the eyes of the public, Lin Zhiying is indeed at the level of a male god.

We all know that Lin Zhiying was born in Taiwan in 1974. He is a person with dreams and pursuits. When he was young, he knew exactly what he wanted and what he pursued. Lin Zhiying loves racing, and for this, she practiced very hard. When he was 10 years old, his parents encouraged him to participate in the competition. For the things you love, spare no effort.

In this way, Lin Zhiying participated in the racing competition. It is undeniable that there will be gains if you pay. Lin Zhiying’s efforts were not in vain, he won the runner-up in the competition. Some people may think that the runner-up is not worth mentioning, but this is after all the testimony of Lin Zhiying’s hard work.

Racing is his dream, and so is serving as a soldier. I have to say that Lin Zhiying is really a hard-working and persevering person. He wanted to become a racer, he kept working hard, and he succeeded. If you want to be a soldier, it will take a lot of hardship.

The requirements for being a soldier are very strict and the standards are also very high. When Lin Zhiying first joined the team, it can be said that he suffered a lot of crimes. He was scolded by officers and punished by officers, who didn’t understand anything, but he didn’t back down, he chose to persist. In this way, he successfully became a soldier, then began his military service and started a long journey of life.

After serving as a soldier for several years, Lin Zhiying retired. He has a new goal, which is to enter the showbiz. He felt that he had grown a lot in those years in the army, so he decided to make his debut. I have to say that Lin Zhiying is too naive at this point. When he released the album “Men Are Good To Lie”, it was not accepted by the public.

So he began to think about which link went wrong. After a series of self-reflection and review, he re-formed the plan and the direction of all future roads. After a while, Lin Zhiying’s life improved. His subsequent albums were gradually appreciated by the public.

After talking about Lin Zhiying’s career, let’s talk about his love. His wife Chen Ruoyi was also born in Taiwan, China. When talking about Chen Ruoyi, everyone may feel very strange. In fact, this is normal, because Lin Zhiying rarely reveals his wife in public.

Why is this? Who doesn’t like to show off his wife to others? How can anyone get married and keep it private? Not only was it not public, but even the weddings of Lin Zhiying and Chen Ruoyi were reorganized later. This is too unfair to Chen Ruoyi, right? Then why did Chen Ruoyi choose to marry Lin Zhiying?

If there is a cause and effect, it can only be explained by the four words because of love. Chen Ruoyi looks dignified and has a great body. She met Lin Zhiying when she entered the showbiz, and the two of them got together inexplicably without too much contact. It can only be said that such a marriage without emotional foundation is unstable.

Sure enough, Chen Ruoyi and Lin Zhiying had a child before the wedding was held. Will such a life be happy?

In a variety show, Lin Zhiying took his wife and children to participate. The interaction between their husbands and wives in the show is also very little. I remember that because of the needs of the show, Chen Ruoyi was practicing dance in a room. This is Lin Zhiying coming over, holding a glass of water in her hand, and handing it to Chen Ruoyi. She hesitated for a long time, and still passed the glass of water, but still said: “You are not like this normally.”

This detail is enough to see that Lin Zhiying’s concern for his wife is only that moment in the show, and he is not like this in private. The most irritating thing is that when Chen Ruoyi went home with him, she was told by her mother-in-law that she didn’t understand the rules because she was wearing a pair of shorts.

Chen Ruoyi couldn’t help it because she didn’t bring extra clothes. Lin Zhiying stood beside her, but didn’t mean to help her in the slightest. As a husband, does it make sense to not protect his wife?

In fact, it is not only these, but what makes people feel disgusting is Lin Zhiying’s style of doing things. He is simply a “liar”, and he posted photos of himself visiting the Ferrari headquarters on the Internet before, which is indeed a “fake”. Not long after it was sent out, it was seen through by others, because the person who actually visited the Ferrari headquarters was Kobe, not him.

Also, I don’t know if Lin Zhiying should be said to be vanity or a liar. He has always had the title of “God of Immortality”, and he started marketing with this. Putting on a white lab coat, I began to pretend to research products. In fact, they are just some cheap health products. The lies have been exposed again and again, and I really don’t know what is supporting him to continue doing this.

A marriage without emotional foundation is not happy. Lin Zhiying and Chen Ruoyi are examples. I want to say, if you don’t love, don’t hurt. Lin Zhiying may be excellent in many aspects, but if this continues, one day he will not be accepted by the public.


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