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Lin Yun’s trumpet blew himself up with Yan Renzhong and deleted it in seconds, Lin Yun’s studio refuted the rumors, and Yi Yang Qianxi responded to wearing a wig

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Lin Yun trumpet revealed that he was in love with Yan Renzhong and then deleted in seconds. Lin Yun’s studio refuted the rumors, and Yi Yang Qianxi responded to wearing a wig

It is reported that at 3:22 am on February 12, Lin Yun posted a post on Weibo trumpet that he was in love with Yan Renzhong, and then deleted it in seconds. This operation caused many netizens to say that they couldn’t understand it, and they talked about it, calling it the first melon in the Year of the Ox.

Although Lin Yun deleted this Weibo within seconds, it was still intercepted by many netizens, which caused a heated discussion on the Internet. Many netizens speculated about this: Lin Yun lost in a truth or dare. accept punishment? Or is it the first single romance in the entertainment industry in the new year?

It is reported that the Yan Renzhong mentioned in Lin Yun’s trumpet is a Taiwanese singer-songwriter who has participated in the second season of “I Am a Singer and Composer” and the second season of “The Voice of God”. Sang the theme song “To Love You” and so on for the TV series “Blame You Too Beautiful”.

And when netizens did not know the truth, on the morning of February 12, Lin Yun Studio also issued a statement in response to the incident that Lin Yun trumpet deleted the content of “I am in love with Yan Renzhong”, saying it was Lin. After losing in the Truth or Dare game, Yun accepted the game penalty. In order to prevent the Weibo content from the game from spreading, he chose to delete it immediately. He also said that the studio has now awakened Lin Yun and conducted serious education to ensure that she would never dare to play truth or dare again during the New Year.

It is not difficult to see from the content of the studio’s response that the Weibo was really only released when Lin Yun was punished after losing a Truth or Dare with a friend. Later, Lin Yun himself apologized in the comment area: “dbq disturbed everyone’s cleanup early in the morning. If the game is lost, I will kneel immediately.”

On the stage of the 2021 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, the song “Relatives” is warm, heart-warming, and heart-warming. The cooperation between Yi Yangqianxi and Zhang Jie is very successful, and the effect is simply explosive. From the emotional singing of the two, we can Aftertaste the warmth and touch of family affection.

However, in addition to the song performance, many netizens are paying attention to Yi Yang Qianxi’s hair style. Some netizens say that Yi Yang Qianxi is still a short head at the rehearsal. Why does it have long hair when it comes to performance? In view of the fact that Yi Yang Qianxi had worn a headgear to cover his hairstyle for the purpose of keeping his role secret, many netizens were speculating this time, did he wear a wig for the same reason?

Before that, Qian Xi’s younger brother had shaved his head because of the filming of “You Are Young”. He wore a wig and came to the stage when he participated in the Spring Festival Gala performance. He has sufficient practical experience.

A careful netizen discovered that the hairstyle of Qian Xi’s brother on stage was different from that during the rehearsal. The short sting became smooth and long in a blink of an eye. Through the details of the stage, I found that Qian Xi was wearing a wig this time. Many speculated that the younger brother should be wearing a wig to the Spring Festival Gala again, which also caused a heated discussion among netizens about whether Yi Yang Qianxi was wearing a wig again.

And a few days ago, Yi Yang Qianxi also mentioned in the program that he wore a wig during the Spring Festival Gala that year. This is the first time Qian Xi responded to this incident. Netizens who knew the truth praised Yi Yang Qianxi’s professionalism. And dedicated.

In this regard, in the early morning of February 12, Yi Yang Qianxi also posted a selfie on Weibo to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Ox, and wrote: “I wish you all a happy new year, peace and health.”

In the photo released, Yi Yang Qianxi is wearing a blue short-sleeved T-shirt with short shots, and is cool and handsome. Netizens said that they guessed it right, and they performed a stone hammer with a wig.


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