Lin Guanying: Recognition of the Unified Examination as part of the election declaration, urges all circles to give time to the Pakatan League for implementation-Lianhe Daily

(Kuching, 17th): Federal Finance Minister Lin Guanying pointed out that the recognition of the Unified Examination Diploma is one of the pledges of the Pakatan Harapan during the election period, so it must be implemented.
However, he hopes that all circles can give more time to the Pakatan Harapan government. He also said that there is now a new generation of education minister, Tun Mahathir, who believes that his work efficiency is higher than that of the former minister, so he is waiting for the next generation of education minister to announce the progress of the relevant issues. He said that acknowledging the unified test still needs to be followed up step by step.
Lin Guanying pointed out during a speech at the 2020 National Chinese Independent Middle School (East Malaysia) Education Fund Transfer Ceremony held in Kuching No. 3 Middle School this afternoon.
In addition, Datuk Huang Liangjie, Chairman of the Board of Governors of Kuching Middle School, thanked Minister of Finance Lin Guanying, Deputy Minister of Education Zhang Nianqun, and Deputy Minister of Trade and Consumer Zhang Jianren to hand over the above funding to Duzhong. He said that he hoped that the federal government could allocate funds to Duzhong every year, and that it would increase the annual allocation. He also hoped that the government would recognize the unified examination diploma as soon as possible.

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