Lin Guanying: People’s e-cash plan has received millions of people’s applications, 790,000 have been approved-Lianhe Daily

(Xinhua, Kuching) The Minister of Finance Lin Guanying pointed out that since the people’s e-cash plan started two days ago, as of noon, 1 million people have registered to receive RM30, of which 793,000 applications have been received. Approval.
He said this represented a government grant of RM23.8 million to eligible people.
He described the people’s e-cash plan as a Chinese New Year red envelope given to the people by the federal government. He hoped that people would be happy to use the electronic wallet for shopping and spend the Chinese New Year.
Lin Guanying made the remarks when he came to speak at an event to promote the people’s electronic cash program at the Xinxin Shopping Plaza in Kuching today.
He said that the government announced the launch of the People’s e-Cash Plan in the 2020 Budget to allow eligible people, that is, those who are over 18 years old and whose annual income is less than RM100,000, to apply.
At the same time, three e-wallet supplier partners, namely Boost, Touch ‘n Go and GrabPay representatives also attended the above-mentioned promotion activities. They also performed unique tricks to “grab customers” when speaking at the scene, in order to attract more people to register for claims. Electronic cash.

Lin Guanying: Personal data is in the hands of Treasury Holdings, and the public does not need to worry about applying for electronic cash disclosure

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