Lin Gengxin surprisedly appeared at the closing ceremony of ``Liu Laogen 4'' and stood firmly in the C position with Zhao Benshan!
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Lin Gengxin surprisedly appeared at the closing ceremony of “Liu Laogen 4” and stood firmly in the C position with Zhao Benshan!

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The TV series “Liu Laogen” has been the love of many Northeast rural drama fans for many years. Since 2002, the show has been broadcast for three seasons. Beginning in August this year, “Liu Laogen 4” began intensive filming. At the start-up ceremony, almost all of the original crew made their appearances, but teacher Fan Wei, the medicine box, was not seen at the scene. Many fans have also speculated that Fan Wei may not appear in this season.

On November 29th, some actors shared the final photos of “Liu Laogen 4”. What is gratifying is that Teacher Fan Wei is not absent!

I don’t know if it’s for the makeup of the story, Mr. Fan Wei looks a lot thinner and older. Sitting with Zhao Benshan, who is 5 years older than him and full of white hair, is not much younger.

What is even more surprising is that in addition to the original cast of “Liu Laogen 4”, Mr. Zhao Benshan, Mr. Fan Wei, Mr. Yan Xuejing and other original cast members, the highly popular “post-80s old drama bones” are also added. The plot is more rich and interesting than the third part .

Let’s see who is coming? Lin Gengxin appeared in the final group photo of “Liu Laogen 4”! Also stand in C position with Teacher Zhao Benshan.

If you zoom in, “The Dream of 900 Million Girls” is standing between Zhao Benshan and Dajiao. The smile is very bright and full of fashion sense. I wonder if there is a sense of conflict with this drama?

In fact, Lin Gengxin is also from the Northeast. He was born in Shenyang, Liaoning. Therefore, the filming of “Liu Laogen” should be very handy. Isn’t it enough to star in true colors?

“Liu Laogen 4” actor Liu Zide also shared a photo with Lin Gengxin. There are reports that Lin Gengxin is a special cameo in the play. However, the large bouquet of flowers in his hand can tell how much the crew attaches to him. When “Liu Laogen 4” is broadcast, will “900 million girls” watch the show because of Lin Gengxin?

“Liu Laogen 4” was under the full guidance of teacher Zhao Benshan. After 94 days of shooting, it was successfully finished at Longquan Villa in Liaoyang on November 29, and the final banquet was also very rich. In the big group photo below, can you find the lovely Song Xiaobao?

The profession of an actor looks glamorous, but the hard work of filming is also unimaginable by many people. Sometimes, in order to make the plot more realistic, it is necessary to shoot real night scenes. Whether it is severe cold or scorching heat, the filming will last until three or four in the morning, and the daytime scene will be filmed the next morning. This situation has almost become the actors. Home-cooked meal.

Teacher Zhao Benshan is 63 years old this year. In 2009, he was hospitalized for cerebral hemorrhage. Even so, he is still fighting on the front line of the crew. If the actors do not perform well, as the chief director, he will personally demonstrate until every detail is qualified.

In the group photo, Teacher Zhao Benshan’s cheeks are slightly red. I wonder if he couldn’t help but drink again?

In another photo taken outdoors, many staff members are wearing down jackets, but Teacher Zhao Benshan only wears a sweater, which shows that his current physical condition is quite good.

Teacher Zhao Benshan delivered a speech at the closing ceremony. Previously, there were rumors that Zhao Benshan and Fan Wei were at odds with each other. There were reports that the two broke off due to money. However, last year, Zhao Benshan decided to shoot “Liu Laogen 3” and invited Fan Wei, the medicine box. In the trailer, Zhao Benshan said: “You have been here for seventeen or eighteen years, and you haven’t even shown your face.” Fan Wei said, “This is not a word from you. If you say I will come back, right?” , Piercing the tears of netizens, also broke the rumors of discord.

The brothers have worked together for many years as before. If the audience likes it, I believe the two old actors will continue to cooperate.

Group photo of Liu Zide and Teacher Fan Wei.

The crew prepared several final cakes, which is grand enough.

The ratings of “Liu Laogen 3” have been changing all the way, I believe “Liu Laogen 4” will not disappoint.


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