Lin Chiling was abused by her Japanese husband? Because she could not get pregnant for a long time, her mother-in-law was disgusted

Lin Chiling was abused by her Japanese husband? Because she could not get pregnant for a long time, her mother-in-law was disgusted

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Lin Chiling debuted for more than 20 years, and the only publicly known boyfriend is Yan Chengxu. The two were together very well back then, but due to various reasons the two were never together. It also makes many fans regret that Jerry Yan has been single for many years, but Lin Chiling suddenly announced her marriage in 2019 and married Japanese actor Kurosawa Ryohei, which shocked the entertainment circle for a while.

Lin Chiling has never had any scandals, and she has reached middle age. So many fans worry about why the goddess has not found her home. However, without any disclosure, Lin Chiling suddenly got married and the fans dropped their jaws. They all said that when they marry a foreign man, will Lin Chiling really be happy?

It is reported that Kurosawa Ryohei was born in 1981, seven years younger than Lin Chiling. The sudden announcement of their marriage in 2019 surprised many fans. Because many people don’t know Kurosawa Ryohei, he is not a popular actor in Japan, and fans can’t understand why a generation of goddesses married abroad. It is said that the two met at an event. Although Kurosawa Ryohei’s appearance is not high, he looks simple and honest, and more masculine. It’s also very good to Lin Chiling, this may be why Lin Chiling chose him!

Lin Chiling and Kurosawa Ryohei have been married for almost two years, and Lin Chiling has always claimed to have a happy life. Recently, however, some netizens broke the news that Lin Chiling was suspected of domestic violence, and her relationship with her husband was in crisis. According to netizens, the reason Lin Chiling suffered domestic violence was that her Japanese mother-in-law disliked her for being too old and delayed getting pregnant. This caused dissatisfaction with the husband, and the relationship between the two has been in serious crisis.

It is reported that Lin Chiling and Kurosawa Liangping started preparing for pregnancy shortly after their marriage, but because Lin Chiling is already an elderly woman and has been unable to become pregnant for physical reasons. Some time ago, it was reported that Lin Chiling had a minor operation. Her bronchial problems have been plagued her for 5 years, and it is normal for the 46-year-old Lin Chiling to not become pregnant.

Previously, Kurosawa Ryohei expressed in public that he wanted to have a child as soon as possible, and he had been pregnant for a long time. It seems that Lin Chiling is under a lot of pressure this time, and the news of the couple’s discord is likely to be related to the child.

Everyone knows that the status of women in traditional Japanese families has always been low. Japanese girls generally do not go to work. They take care of their in-laws at home every day, while men work outside to make money. In addition, the Japanese place great importance on conceiving offspring, and Lin Chiling has been married for so long and has not been pregnant. This may be the key to the problem.

And this time, Lin Chiling was passed on to domestic violence, which also made many fans worry about whether the goddess was not doing well there. Although Lin Chiling often exposes her daily life on social platforms, it does not mean that this is what we see. In any case, I hope Lin Chiling can give birth to her and Kurosawa Ryohei’s love crystallization as soon as possible!

Of course, the above are all speculations of netizens, and there is no substantive evidence. As long as the goddess feels happy, isn’t it? Marriage is a matter for two people, whether they are living well or not, they know their own way. What do you think about Lin Chiling’s domestic violence? Welcome to leave a message to discuss.


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