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Lim Young-woong’s’Mubit Awards’ 3 crowns… This year’s song is’Now only believe in me’


2020 Mubit Awards winners announced
Young-woong Lim selected as’Song of the Year’ as’Only I Trust’

Lim Young-woong /Photo = Hankyung DB

The final winners of the 2020 Mubit Awards were selected.

The 2020 Mubit Awards, which received 96.4 million votes, participated by 10.2 million K-pop fandoms from around the world, was held in a total of 9 parts.

This year’s artist is NCT, this year’s song is Lim Young-woong’s’Now Trust Me’, this year’s MV is Lim Young-woong’s’HERO’, this month’s artist Wang Joong-wang’Yang Jun-il’, male rookie artist Treasure, female rookie artist Espa, Best The awards of Lim Young-woong for the male solo, Moonbyul for the best female solo, and Stray Kids for the best performance group have been confirmed.

In particular, Lim Young-woong proved’the trend’ by taking first place in the three categories of Song of the Year, MV of the Year, and Best Male Solo.

From January 18 to February 1, 2021, the 2020 Mubit Awards participated by over 10.2 million K-pop fandoms from 203 countries around the world and voted 9,646 million.

In this poll, which selected nominees for each field loved by Mubit for a year, NCT, which was selected as the 2020 Artist of the Year, received 5,326,355 votes (35.1%), with a difference of 4,671,226 cases (30.8%) and 655,129 cases in 2nd place ATEEZ. Won the artist honors.

As for this year’s song, Lim Young-woong’s’Only Trust Me Now’ got 13,136,927 cases (45.8%) in fierce competition, and Kim Ho-joong’s’I love you more than me’ took second place with 12,986,347 cases (45.2%).

In this year’s MV, Youngwoong Lim’s’HERO’ ranked first with 2,346,267 (30.8%), and GOT7’s’LAST PIECE’ ranked second with 2,308,229 (30.3%).

In this month’s artist Wangjoongwangjeon, Yang Joon-il had 936,343 cases (47%), male new artists had 7,466,629 (52.8%) Treasures, female new artists had 3,422,046 cases (49.9%), and best male solos were Lim Young-woong (2,080,631 cases (31.8). %), and Moonbyul ranked first in each category with 658,765 (44.7%) and 6,214,215 (44.6%) of Best Performance Group Stray Kids.

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