Lim Young-woong,'Q' stage exceeded 2 million views...  Close to 3 million views

Lim Young-woong,’Q’ stage exceeded 2 million views… Close to 3 million views

Lim Young-woong’s’Q’ stage exceeded 2 million views.

On April 2nd, Youngwoong Lim’s YouTube channel, Youngwoong Lim, said, “Youngwoong Lim [Q] A video titled “Love Call Center” was posted.

In the video, Youngwoong Lim is singing’Q’.

His heartwarming visuals and vocal skills of his masterful and buddy struck women’s hearts.

As of April 13, the video exceeded 2 million views on YouTube.

The’Q’ stage is currently about 2.6 million views. Therefore, it is certain to achieve 3 million views.

Records like this remind us of Lim Young-woong’s extraordinary popularity.

The video can be viewed on Lim Young-woong’s official YouTube channel’Lim Young-woong’.

Meanwhile, Lim Young-woong is running the official YouTube channel’Lim Young-woong’.

Youngwoong Lim’s channel’Youngwoong Lim’ is a channel owned by YouTube Gold Button with 1.15 million subscribers, and is a popular channel with about 750 million views.

tvX Reporter Lee Jung-beom / Photo = New Era Project-Lim Young-woong YouTube channel’Lim Young-woong’

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