Lim Young-woong'I want to walk' + Young-tak'Flower Road'...Released the sound source for Call Center of Love PART39

Lim Young-woong’I want to walk’ + Young-tak’Flower Road’…Released the sound source for Call Center of Love PART39


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TV Chosun’s’Mr.Trot tomorrow’ participants’ song’I will sing the requested song-Call Center of Love’ (hereinafter referred to as’Call Center of Love’) was released.

The songs released at the 39th episode of’Call Center of Love’ were released on various music sites at 12 noon on the 26th. This album includes the title song Lim Young-woong’s’I want to walk’, Young-tak’s’Flower Road’, Lee Chan-won’s’First Jung’,’It’s a Snake’, Lim Young-woong, Young-tak, and Lee Chan-won’s’I Love You Sister’.

Here, a total of 10 songs including’If You Walk’ by Jeong Dong-won,’Do not cry’ by Jang Min-ho,’You are still my love’ by Kim Hee-jae,’The Ugly Love’ sung by Lim Young-woong and Jin Mi-ryeong, and’Saturday Night’ by Kim Hee-jae and Kim Hye-yeon. This is included.

In the broadcast, the meeting of TOP6 (Youngwoong Lim, Youngtak, Lee Chanwon, Dongwon Jung, Minho Jang, Heejae Kim) and Queen Bee 6 (Miryung Jin, Heeok Moon, Eunha Lee, Hyeyeon Kim, Wink, Suhyun Yoon) who are in charge of the Korean trot world was achieved. TOP6, which showed higher tension than ever before, unfolded an all-time stage to beat Queen Bee 6.

Lim Young-woong selected Cho Yong-pil’s’I want to walk’, and expressed the true value of the’sensibility craftsman’ and impressed the home theater. Lim Young-woong, who caught viewers’ ears with’Honey Voice’ from the first verse, completed a stage full of immersion with sweet lyrics and deep emotion. Lim Young-woong’s’I want to walk’, which has exceeded 140,000 views by Naver TV, and is loved by fans, was selected as the title song of the album released on the 26th.

Young-tak selected Yoon Soo-hyun’s’Flower Road’ to decorate the trot stage that echoed the heart. Jin Mi-ryeong admired Young-tak’s stage, saying, “I sang well with my own color.” Lee Eun-ha also praised him for saying, “It’s a completely different look from when you sang’Chiniya’.”

In addition, on this day, a special stage was prepared to cover the eyes and eardrums with honey, which impressed viewers. Lim Young-woong and Jin Mi-ryeong sang’ugly love’ with a fantastic breath and created the legend stage. Following that, Kim Hee-jae and Kim Hye-yeon showed off the’Saturday Night’ duet stage together with Kalgunmu, making an extraordinary effort to meet and practice in advance.

Young-woong Lim, Young-tak, and Chan-won Lee, from Sunmi Jin of’Mr. Trot’, went on the stage together for the first time in’Call Center of Love’ and performed the’Chemi Explosion’ stage. The three showed pleasant synergy by singing Jang Min-ho’s’I Love You Sister’ with fantastic harmony. The stage video recorded 120,000 YouTube views.

The album’Love Call Center PART39′ was released on the 26th at 12:00 noon.

Reporter Son Bong-seok

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