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Lim Young-woong,’Fan and Star’ Trot Ranking for 8 consecutive weeks


On the 15th, trot singer Lim Young-woong took first place in the trot ranking of’Fan and Star’. /Fan & Star

68,750 votes in the trot ranking of’Fan & Star’

[더팩트 | 이나래 기자] Trot singer Lim Young-woong took first place in the weekly idol ranking site’Fan and Star’ trot ranking for eight consecutive weeks.

In the trot ranking poll for the second week of February for’Fan and Star’ held from the 8th to the 15th, Lim Young-woong took the first place with 6,92,8,750 votes. Kim Ho-joong took second place with 2.19 million votes, and Lee Chan-won was ranked third with 10,25,073 votes.

‘Fan & Star’ will screen’congratulatory video on electronic boards’ at 42 stations of Subway Line 2 when the artist ranks first in the singer ranking for 5 consecutive weeks. Also, if you finish first for 10 consecutive weeks, you will enter the Hall of Fame. In particular, it provides various privileges by notifying the news of the award through electronic signs located in major centers such as subway line 2 or Hongdae Station.

Fans who participated in the voting on the news of Lim Young-woong’s No. 1 poured congratulations through the official text message box of’Fan and Star’. The nickname’Happy Pine Tree’ cheered, “Lim Young-woong shining only with existence. Always, anywhere, only believe in me now. I support HERO. It is a good thing.”

On the other hand,’Fan & Star’ is a weekly idol ranking site operated by , and serves as a playground for fandom through idol voting and electronic board support. Voting for singer ranking and individual ranking starts every Monday, and any fan who likes idols can participate.

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