Lim Young-woong topped Fan N Star for 25 weeks in a row...  18.11 million votes 'overwhelming'

Lim Young-woong topped Fan N Star for 25 weeks in a row… 18.11 million votes ‘overwhelming’

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Lim Young-woong Fan N Star Trot Male 1st place for 25 weeks in a row./

Singer Young-woong Lim took the top spot for the 25th consecutive week in the Fan N Star Trot male category.

In the weekly voting for the second week of June for Fan N Star held from the 7th to the 14th, Young-woong Lim took the first place with 18,114,460 votes.

Following this, Ho-jung Kim (5,863,167 votes), Chan-won Lee (2,279,314 votes) in third, Min-ho Jang (2,49,123 votes) in fourth, Young-tak (1993,563 votes) in fifth, Dong-won Jeong ( 299,463 votes) and 7th place was Kim Hee-jae (194,305 votes). Chapter Five, Kim Soo-chan, and Kim Jung-yeon followed.

In the weekly voting last week, 1st place was Young-woong Lim, 2nd place was Kim Ho-jung, and 3rd place was Lee Chan-won.

Since Lim Young-woong took the top spot in TV Chosun’s ‘Mr. Trot’, he is enjoying national popularity by controlling not only the music industry but also broadcasting and advertising. Young-woong Lim is practicing good deeds, such as steady donations, as if to repay such popularity.

Fans cheering for Lim Young-woong’s birthday, who will return on the 16th, are also active. In addition to donation activities, he is conveying his heart through bus advertisements and outdoor advertisements. ‘Im Hero Supporters’, which is made up of national members of Young-woong Lim’s fan club ‘Era of Heroes’, is running an outdoor advertisement as an event to celebrate Young-woong Lim’s birthday. At the COEX Media Tower in Samseong-dong, 103 Megabox kiosks nationwide, and 38 Lobby Wide M branches, from the 12th to the 18th, Lim Young-woong’s birthday advertisement will be posted.

In addition to this, advertisements featuring singer Young-woong Lim are running all over the country, from Seoul as well as southern Gyeonggi to Incheon and Gangwon. This is an event prepared by Lim Young-woong’s fan club to celebrate his 31st birthday.

Im Young-woong is currently appearing in TV Chosun’s ‘Call Center of Love’ and ‘Mulberry School’.

Reporter Kyu-min Noh, Tenasia

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