Lim Young-woong, the manager's missing?  Worrying about "I'm tired" [종합]

Lim Young-woong, the manager’s missing? Worrying about “I’m tired” [종합]

[엑스포츠뉴스 이슬 기자] When the manager disappeared, Lim Young-woong was worried about the manager sleeping in the car, saying, “I feel tired.”

On the 12th, Lim Young-woong posted on his YouTube channel, “The person who wants to find the person who wants to find it… The video titled ‘was posted.

In the video released on this day, the image of Lim Young-woong at the commercial setting was included. Lim Yeong-woong, who was playingfully shooting, found the manager, saying, “If my manager is how tired she is, she goes out to buy coffee and does not come back.”

“I think I fell asleep in the car. I’ll raid the site,” said Lim Young-woong, saying, “I’m tired” while planning to make fun of the manager.

Lim Young-woong, who challenged to play the guitar for the filming, complained of pain, saying, “It hurts so much. Isn’t my finger cut off?” Lim Young-woong, who continued to practice even though his hand hurts, laughed, “I thought you would have learned hard. Please tell me a code.”

After shooting, Lim Young-woong came out looking for the manager. As I headed for the car, Lim Young-woong worried about stretching, saying, “Isn’t it sick or something like that?” After arriving in front of the car, Lim Young-woong confirmed the manager sleeping through the window.

Lim Yeong-woong said, “It’s still a bad situation. Please watch when this friend will come and start working.”

Looking at the piano in the studio, Youngwoong Lim played the only song’Kiss The Rain’ that he could play. Lim Young-woong stopped playing, saying, “I will practice more.”

The manager who woke up came into the studio and took Lim Young-woong back. “What happened,” said Lim Young-woong, “I think I should apologize to the viewers.” The manager apologized, making excuses, “I came after arranging the car.”

Lim Young-woong, who expects a million views with’Lim Hero’s manager disappeared’, joked, saying, “We were upset before.” The manager said, “I made drip coffee because I couldn’t make you drink any coffee.”

The manager sang and boasted of the man-to-man that Lim Young-woong bought. Im Young-woong looked at such a manager and was blankly speaking without saying anything. After finishing the filming, Lim Young-woong said, “This is the last day,” and played a joke with the manager and went home. / Photo = YouTube broadcast screen

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