Lim Young-woong, the hero power that dominated the music, broadcasting, and commercial world

Lim Young-woong, the hero power that dominated the music, broadcasting, and commercial world

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Youngwoong Lim

Lim Young-woong is showing’Lim Hero’s power’ by crossing the music, broadcasting, and advertising world.

Lim Young-woong recaptured Kang Daniel’s first place in the’Idol Chart’, who had been solo for 157 weeks. It is an unusual record as a trot singer. I don’t know how to come down for 3 weeks in a row after being in first place. Lim Young-woong’s’Breaking the Seal’ does not end here.
In MBC’s’Show! Music Center’, he won the 1st place trophy with’My Love Like a Starlight’. It has been 14 years since Gangjin’s ‘blow punishment’ that the trot singer ranked first in the terrestrial music ranking program. This is the result of recording high music performance, ranking first in Gaon Chart’s digital overall chart for two weeks in a row with the overwhelming download number. Lim Young-woong expressed his feelings, “I never thought of it.” The music video for’Love Like a Starlight’ also exceeded 10 million views at once. The figure recorded 15 days after it was released, this is also the fastest 10 million trot singers achieved.

The brand reputation in the trot sector is ranked No. 1 for the third consecutive month. As a high brand reputation, it constantly shines on TV advertisements. Last year alone, 16 individual advertisements were filmed, and the revenue earned from advertisements was over 4 billion won. It is estimated to be the highest level of trot singers.

Lim Young-woong doesn’t just’play alone’. ‘Love Call Center’ with the cast of TV Chosun’Mr.Trot’, despite being a spin-off program, ranked first in the brand’s reputation in all entertainment programs in March. This is the first time that a spin-off program has ranked first in all entertainment since the start of the survey by the Korea Corporate Reputation Institute.’Love Call Center’ has never dropped below 10% of its ratings while exceeding 50 episodes. . It’s like a miracle for a full-length entertainment.
An advertising official said, “After Lim Young-woong wore (wearing the brand’s clothes) once, sales increased 510% in three weeks.” He predicted that “Lim’s popularity has not cooled down since’Mr. Trot’ and is on the rise. Since it is showing the effect of Lim Young-woong in all fields and being loved by all ages, the current atmosphere will continue.”

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