Lim Young-woong reveals additional official photo...'dark + pure charm'

Lim Young-woong reveals additional official photo…’dark + pure charm’

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Singer Lim Young-woong released an additional official photo.

Lim Young-woong released the 2nd official photo of the new single that will be released at 6 pm on the 9th through New Era Project’s official SNS on the 4th at 6pm.

In the published photo, Lim Young-woong is standing on the stage in a suit and staring at the camera. With the light shining behind his back overwhelming the gaze, Youngwoong Lim gave off a heavy and magnificent atmosphere. In particular, Nongik’s masculine beauty and Lim Young-woong’s own charisma caught the attention of fans.

Another photo released together attracted attention because it contained the fresh and dandy charm of Lim Young-woong. Lim Young-woong showed warmth with a fashion that matched a knit and a coat with a calm hairstyle. The appearance of a drowsy expression with his eyes closed under natural light presented a different charm from the suit wearing.

With the additional release of two official photos with conflicting concepts, fans’ curiosity about the new song Lim, which is still covered by the veil, is also growing.

Previously, TV CHOSUN’Mr. Trot’ Jin (眞) special song’Only Trust Me’,’HERO (Hero)’, which was popular as a song inserted in car CF, and various hit songs reinterpreted through entertainment programs, with a soft tone and deep sensibility. Interest is focused on what kind of new song Lim Young-woong, who has captured the listeners, will release.

Lim Young-woong. Photo l New Era Project

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