Lim Young-woong, ranked 1st in'Heart-hearted Donation Angel Star' [★PICK]

Lim Young-woong, ranked 1st in’Heart-hearted Donation Angel Star’ [★PICK]

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Singer Lim Young-woong / Photo = Reporter Kim Chang-hyun

Singer Lim Young-woong was selected as the 1st place in the’Great Donation Angel Star’

From the 5th to the 18th, Lim Young-woong said,’What is the warm hearted donation angel star?’ held at My One Pick from the 5th to the 18th. It was ranked first with 1.36 million 7393 votes in the vote.

Lim Young-woong, ranked 1st in’Heart-hearted Donation Angel Star’ [★PICK]
Lim Young-woong has been doing good since when he was a rookie singer before making his face and name known by appearing in’Mr.Trot’, such as donating 1 million months of winning gift certificates to NGOs after winning 5 consecutive victories in’Challenge Dream Stage’ of KBS 1TV’Morning Madang’ in 2018. .

In June of last year, Lim Young-woong gave 100 million won to the Children’s Welfare Foundation, saying that he hopes that a safe world for children will come from Corona 19. Recently, the fact that he donated 5 million won to his alma mater Gyeongbok University 2020 Woodang Grand Prize as a scholarship for juniors in the Department of Practical Music gave me warmth.

Lim Young-woong’s good deeds have been passed on to fans, and the fandom’Hero’s Era’ is practicing good influences such as helping victims of victims and donations for the vulnerable. In addition to various donations, fans are establishing themselves as a warm fandom of’the singer and that fan-down’ by raising Lim Young-woong’s name to the top of various votes with hot support and support, and making donations continue in the name of Lim Young-woong.

On the other hand, following Lim Young-woong in the first place, Kim Ho-jung (948,000 votes) in the second place, Young Tak in the third place (500,000,747 votes), Chan-won Lee (486,000 votes) in the fourth place, and Min-ho Jang (128,646 votes) in the fifth place.

Lim Young-woong, ranked 1st in’Heart-hearted Donation Angel Star’ [★PICK]

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