Lim Young-woong, ranked 1st in February's brand reputation

Lim Young-woong, ranked 1st in February’s brand reputation


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Trot singer Lim Young-woong rose to No. 1 brand reputation in February.

For the analysis of trot singer brand reputation big data, the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute extracted 7,071,7942 trot singer brand big data from January 28 to February 28, The brand reputation index was analyzed by measuring the communication index and the community index.

According to the Trot Singer’s brand reputation in February, the brand of Lim Young-woong took first place with a reputation index of 746,9338. Subsequently, Young Tak, Lee Chan-won, Hong Ji-yoon, Kim Tae-yeon, Yang Ji-eun, Eun Ga-eun, Song Ga-in, Jin Hae-seong, Kim Hee-jae, Jang Min-ho, Jeong Dong-won, Star Love, Jang Yoon-jung, Kim Da-hyun, Kim Soo-chan, Jin-seong, Park Gun, Oh Yu-jin, Hong Jin-young, Kim Eui-young, Jae-ha, Yo-mi Yomi, The analysis was followed by Shin Seung-tae, Nam-jin, Kim Yong-bin, Na Hoon-ah, Kang Seung-yeon, Na Tae-ju, and Choi Hyang.

“The brand of Lim Young-woong, which ranked first in the Korean Business Reputation Research Institute, was highly’perfect, public, advertised’ in link analysis, and’love call center, cup of tears, YouTube’ in keyword analysis. In the analysis of the positive and negative ratio, the positive ratio recorded 81.65%.”

Se-Hyun Lee, Online Reporter

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