Lim Young-woong, Millet YouTube video views total exceeded 1 million... also'CF Star'
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Lim Young-woong, Millet YouTube video views total exceeded 1 million… also’CF Star’

Active as an advertisement model in various fields.[스타뉴스 문완식 기자] Yeongwoong Lim ’20 FW Millet x Heroic Lim’Single Concert for You’

Singer Lim Young-woong showed the appearance of a’CF star’ as the number of YouTube views of the brand that is active as a model exploded in a short period of time.

Miele, an outdoor brand based on Lim Young-woong as a model, is releasing a’one-person concert for you’ in which Lim Young-woong holds a solo concert for his mother as its first advertisement.

The video was released on Miele Korea’s official YouTube in 5 versions, including 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, full version, and full version of lyrics. As of the morning of the 16th, the full version is 430,000 times, the 30-second version is 360,000 times, the 15-second version is 100,000 times, the full version of the lyrics subtitles is 48,000 times, and the 60-second version is 28,000 times.

Considering that the number of subscribers to the Miele Korea YouTube channel is 1.44 million, they are seeing the’Lim Heroic Effect’. Miele also posted a video about the process of the 20 FW Miele Lim Hero product planning meeting, which also recorded 47,000 views. The total number of views of videos related to Lim Heroes is over 1 million on the channel.

Singer Lim Young-woong / Photo = Reporter Lim Seong-gyun

In addition to Millet, Youngwoong Lim is active as a CF model in various fields such as chicken, hot water mat, cosmetics, water purifier, pizza, red ginseng, and automobiles. Earlier, he received the CF Star Award at the 2020 MTN Broadcast Advertising Festival.

We are looking forward to seeing what other records Lim Young-woong will set as a representative CF star in Korea.

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