Lim Young-woong, military vacation → Bubble kiss...  'Undora's Box' (Pongsungahhakdang)[엑's PICK]

Lim Young-woong, military vacation → Bubble kiss… ‘Undora’s Box’ (Pongsungahhakdang)[엑’s PICK]

[엑스포츠뉴스 이슬 인턴기자] Lim Young-woong recalled memories while meeting a college friend.

At the TV Chosun’Pongsungahhakdang’, which aired on the 3rd, Lim Young-woong met his college classmates a cappella friends.

On this day’s broadcast, Lim Young-woong selected’Acapella’ as a CA activity for’Pongsungah Hakdang’ and met with friends who worked as a cappella team in college. Lim Young-woong and friends instantly boasted of harmony by combining’LOV-E’ with a cappella.

Lim Young-woong, who first met with friends after’Mr. Trot’, complained of awkwardness. Friends said, “Pangwoong has changed,” and revealed Lim’s nickname’Pangwoong’. Friends made a laugh by revealing that the nickname full name was’Jin Bang Woong’.

“When I try again, I remember that the back part didn’t work. Even then, I couldn’t do the back,” Lim Young-woong recalled. He said, “Even if I am wrong, I have to be confident as if I am right.”

Lim’s friend, Kim Seon-joon, opened the’Undora’s Box’ that had been prepared, revealing her past photos. About Lim Young-woong, 20 years old wearing a military uniform and holding chocolate milk, friends said, “I took three chocolate milk one shot because I wanted to eat so much sweets because I came out on vacation.”

The next picture released was a picture of Lim Young-woong parodying’Bubble Kiss’. “It was fashionable at that time,” said Lim Young-woong. Friends laughed, saying, “It was a bubble, but also glasses were sleeping glasses.”

Seo Ga-young said, “I got pretty a lot,” and said, “I keep telling you that you are handsome around me. When I was in school, I asked if I was popular.” Unlike Lim Young-woong’s remarks, “It was a lot of popularity,” Seo Ga-young said, “No, I’ve been confused for decades now.”

In addition, while watching the practice video prepared by his friends, Lim Young-woong said, “I debuted as a trot singer and an event came in. I recommended our team because I wanted a team performance at that event.” Lim Young-woong performed SG Wannabe’s’La Lara’ with her friends, recalling the memory of her practice.

Lim Young-woong, who met with her friends after two years, said, “After a long time, after I was in sync with my old friends, I thought I wanted to stand on stage with my friends.” / Photo = TV Chosun Broadcasting Screen

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