Lim Young-woong Kang Haneul Jeon Mi-do...  'Meet the water' star as an advertising model [스타@스캔]

Lim Young-woong Kang Haneul Jeon Mi-do… ‘Meet the water’ star as an advertising model [스타@스캔]

(Photo = Cheongho Nice, Hyundai Rental Care, Coway)

There are stars who exert a good influence on the public with their unique, clear and clean image. Now that the interest in health care is higher than ever due to Corona 19, people boasting a sense of neatness and trust have emerged as a water purifier model. Editor Sojung Lee

Lim Young-woong became the hero of Chung Ho Nice Who knew 2020 would be the heyday of Trot? Lim Young-woong has created a new craze with’trot’ in this era where the popularity of K-pop idols has been hot for more than 10 years. After winning the TV Chosun’Mr. Trot’ Jin (No. 1), Lim Young-woong, who has been raising the highest stock price, has been selected as an advertisement model for Chungho Nice since April of last year, emphasizing sterilization and hygiene suitable for the current situation. The influence of Youngwoong Lim, who is gaining popularity among middle-aged and elderly women, who are the main purchasers of household appliances, is great with her appealing singing skills and warm visuals. Despite the cold weather, the sales rate of ice water purifiers he advertises increased by more than 20% year-on-year. In addition, high-quality music and video, such as’I’ll protect you’ for advertising, produced a one-seat and three-team effect that satisfies all companies, artists, and fans. Cheong Ho Nice, who brought out the serenity and luxurious feeling of Lim Young-woong in every advertisement released, succeeded in raising the corporate image by eliciting good responses from fans.

Kang Haneul, the’Measure Maker’ where a good and good image shines. He took the lead in’Practicalist Life’ as an advertising model for Hyundai Cumming. KBS2’s first lead drama,’When Camellia Blooms’, appeared as a national drama, and Kang Haneul won three crowns, including the first prize at the ‘2019 KBS Drama Awards’. In addition to her outstanding acting skills, Kang Haneul’s favorability has increased even more with the release of endless beautiful stories from numerous acquaintances such as Infinite Seong-gyu and Shin Hye-seon. He has been loved by the public as well as the advertising world with his warm visual and sincere image, and has been selected as a model such as’Alba Heaven’,’Wadiz’, and’Hetbahn’, providing a sense of trust. Since April of last year, it has been active as an advertising model for Hyundai Qming, and in a month, it has tripled its sales compared to the previous year. Kang Haneul’s unique straight and solid image and the time of Corona 19 combined to show the best synergy.

Coway chose Jeon Mi-do as his muse,’with no intention of making it appropriately.’ He debuted with the musical’Mr. Mouse’ in 2006, and has performed outstandingly with a number of performances including the play’God’s Agnes’ and the musical’Doctor Zivago’. Jeon Mi-do, who was selected as the’Best Actor Picked by SACA Audiences’ in both musical and theater fields, starred in the drama in 2020 tvN’Sleek Doctor’s Life’. He also sang the OST’I thought I would love you’, which was ranked #1 on the music chart. In the play, Mido Jeon, who perfectly played the role of a neurosurgery professor who is respected by her juniors, raised the credibility of the product by taking advantage of the character’s charm in the advertisement. Jeon Mido, who has been a Coway advertising model since June last year, is creating a synergy effect with the brand by expressing a comfortable and intelligent image. Jeonmido is loved by many companies as well as the public, and has emerged as a blue chip in the advertising industry starting with Coway.

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