Lim Young-woong, “I will see you tomorrow at noon with new news”

Lim Young-woong, “I will see you tomorrow at noon with new news”

“I’ll see you tomorrow at noon with news.”

On the 1st, on the Instagram of Youngwoong Lim X Fish Music, did you check the’Letter to You’ by Youngwoong Lim, who came with Spring Rain? See you with new news tomorrow at noon. See you at 12 o’clock tomorrow!” was posted.

A message like this was enough to attract the attention of fans.

On the 27th, Youngwoong Lim’s YouTube channel’Youngwoong Lim’ (Woongtube) posted “Youngwoong Lim [당신에게보내는편지]A video titled “” was published.

In this video, he drew attention by commenting on the new song, saying, “Are you waiting for Lim’s new song?”

Lim Young-woong asked fans about the style of song they wanted, saying, “I sang a ballad style like’Only I Trust Me’, and I sang trendy songs like’HERO’. What kind of song do you want for the next song?”

He announced that he would deliver new news tomorrow while mentioning the new song.

Accordingly, the attention of Lim Young-woong fans is expected to be concentrated at 12:00 noon tomorrow.

tvX Reporter Lee Jeong-beom / Photo = 임영웅XWater Meat Music on Instagram

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