Lim Young-woong “Has a one-day body change?  Jeong Dong-won's face is envious"

Lim Young-woong “Has a one-day body change? Jeong Dong-won’s face is envious”

[매일경제 스타투데이 한현정 기자]

Lim Young-woong and Jeong Dong-won showed off the special chemistry.

On the 12th broadcast of TV Chosun’s’I Sing the Requested Songs-Call Center of Love’, TOP6 held a special home concert for the Untact New Year, including songs that have been loved in the’Love Call Center’.

On this day, TOP6 was delighted, saying, “I wanted to see you, but I finally met.” In particular, Lim Young-woong admired, “How long is it the cheers you hear?” He said, “It’s not been a direct sound, but it’s been a while since I’ve heard the shouts of many people. It’s been a while.

One untact audience asked, “If you can change your body for a day, who do you want to change with?” Jung Dong-won chose Lim Young-woong and said, “I wish my body would change for just one day. Except for my face, I envy my body.” In response, Lim Young-woong replied, “I want to change with Dongwon-kun. I envy Dongwon-kun’s face.”

Jang Min-ho and Young-tak pointed to each other. Jang Min-ho said, “I want to go all day long like Young-tak, and I want to go there all day,” said Young-tak, “I wish I could float in the water every day.” Also, Lee Chan-won chose Kim Hee-jae because “I want to dance well”, but Kim Hee-jae chose Lim Young-woong and laughed.

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